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Dayvis is a hume Thief in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. He is the central character in a small subplot early in the game. In "The Way of the Meek" he convinces Clan Gully that he is being targeted by another clan for no apparent reason. Being a clan for hire, Luso and Clan Gully fend off the other clan, despite the claims of Dayvis stealing an unknown item.

In the mission "What Was Lost", an investigation leads the party to learn that Dayvis, along with some other bandits, had intercepted an important shipment. In the mission "The Way of the Timid" Dayvis becomes overconfident, replacing the "meek" way of acting in the first mission. When he and the other bandits are defeated, they relinquish the stolen item over to Clan Gully.


  • The Way of the Meek
  • What Was Lost
  • The Way of the Timid