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Dawn artbook

Dawn: The Worlds of Final Fantasy (DAWN 天野喜孝空想画集 ファイナルファンタジーの世界, Dōn Amano Yoshitaka Kūsō Gashū Fainaru Fantajī no Sekai?, lit. Dawn, Yoshitaka Amano Concept Art Book, The Worlds of Final Fantasy) is an artbook compilation of the original concept sketches by Yoshitaka Amano from the first four Final Fantasy games. It was published in Japan on August 1, 1991 by NTT Publishing, and an English edition was published by Dark Horse Comics on May 20, 2009. The book marked the first time outside Japan when Amano and Square Enix have permitted the games' design artwork to be published. Dawn: The Worlds of Final Fantasy includes Amano's paintings, detailed line art, and preliminary sketches. The book is 116 pages, hardcover, and written in English.

The book contains artwork of the games' characters, monsters, and summons, along with a few landscape images, complete with fold-out pages that unfold into larger illustrations. Most of the artwork in the book is done by pencil and watercolor.



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