FFXI wiki icon Davoi is a dungeon area in Final Fantasy XI.

Jugner - Davoi

Location Edit

Davoi is located in the northeastern parts of the Quon continent, in the region of Norvallen. the Elvaan once called the area La Vaule. The Orcs took this land and claimed it as their stronghold sometime during the Crystal War. Because of its close proximity to the Kingdom of San d'Oria, the Orcs and Elvaan remain locked in near constant combat.

Connected Areas Edit

Davoi is linked with the forests of Jugner to the north, as well as the Monastic Caverns, which has entrances all over the area.

Enemies Edit

Enemies found in Davoi primarily consist of Orcs of all description, but wildlife also makes its home here, including Bees, Lizards, Pugils, and s mostly, and rarely the occasional Slime and Morbol can be seen here. During certain weather conditions, water and lightning elementals have been spotted.

Notorious Monsters Edit

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