Davias is a character of Final Fantasy Adventure. He is a dictator in the town of Jadd. Davias' mother is a Medusa who lives in a cave by the oasis in the desert. He also has the power to change people into animals.

Story[edit | edit source]

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Sumo came to Jadd looking for Amanda, Jadd is ruled by Davias who lives in the huge mansion up to the northwest of town. The townfolk are not very fond of him. Sumo goes to meet him anyway, and he's warned by Davias that he better behave himself while he's in town. He mentions to him that he knows Amanda, and she went to the Cave of Medusa. And that nobody ever came back from there.

He place a curse on Amanda's brother, Lester, which turned him into a parrot. After acquiring the tears from the Cave of Medusa, Sumo returns to Jadd and goes to see Davias in his chamber. But Davias is not there, Sumo uses the tears on the parrot and Lester is released from the curse. Lester thanks him, but Sumo breaks the news that Amanda sacrificed herself to save him. He asks Sumo if he'll help him avenge his sister with him, and he agrees. The both of them venture deeper into Davias' Mansion, searching for Davias himself. They eventually find him on the rooftop of the mansion, he transforms into a monster, a Mind Flayer, and attacks them both.

Before dying, Davias claims that the pendant is no longer in his possession. At this moment, Garuda is flying over Mt. Rocks towards Glaive.

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Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Davias transforms into a Mindflayer before battling the player. In this form, he is surrounded by four flaming orbs, and he shoots them at the player.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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