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Daurell Spring fishing spot map from FFXV


Fun for big fish AND small fry! Amateur anglers welcome!


Daurell Spring is a fishing spot in Final Fantasy XV located in Schier Heights, west of Daurell Caverns. The player can follow the path from the nearby tunnel to find it. It has a tackle shop that is always open, and a superfish can be caught here with a lategame lure. The water here is always murky. The dock has a radio for listening on what is going on in the rest of the world.

List of fishEdit


NameStaminaPowerSPEXPAPItem obtainedOptimal lures Fishing spots
Redeye Bass
Redeye Bass
500001.7281003Bass EyeBomber: Thunder Bomb, Mog Rank: Rubygold MoogleArchaean's Mirror (night/rainy), Daurell Spring
Pink Jade Gar
(Pink Evil Gar)
Pink Jade Gar
3000005.44080011Jade Gar MirrorscaleBig Master TyphonDaurell Spring


NameStaminaPowerSPEXPAPItem obtainedOptimal lures Fishing spots
Alstor Bass (small)
Alstor Bass
300001.214101Alstor Bass BonesBomber: Bomb, Jumbo Tusk: Garulessa, Fatal Roulette: AhrimanCrestholm Reservoir, Swainsmere, Malacchi Pond, Daurell Spring (daytime), Rachsia Bridge, Archaean's Mirror
Spiked Alstor Bass
(Spike Alstor Bass)
Spiked Alstor Bass
500001.820151Alstor Bass BonesBomber: Thunder BombMalacchi Pond, Daurell Spring (daytime)
Phoenix Bass
Phoenix Bass
650001.820702Phoenix Bass BladderBomber: Thunder Bomb, Fatal Roulette: Bloody EyeDaurell Spring (daytime), The Vesperpool - East Bank
500001.318151Snakehead TeethPoppeck: White Chocobo, Stinker: MalboroMalacchi Pond, Daurell Spring (daytime), Saxham Reservoir
Garnet Snakehead
Garnet Snakehead
600001.720401Snakehead TeethPoppeck: Red Chocobo, Jumbo Tusk: GarulaMalacchi Pond, Daurell Spring (daytime), The Vesperpool - West Bank


NameStaminaPowerSPEXPAPItem obtainedOptimal lures Fishing spots
Alstor Bass (big)
Alstor Bass
600002.024451Alstor Bass BonesBomber: Bomb, Jumbo Tusk: Garulessa, Fatal Roulette: AhrimanCrestholm Reservoir, Neeglyss Pond, Swainsmere (night), Malacchi Pond, Daurell Spring (daytime/rainy), Rachsia Bridge (rainy), Neeglyss Towerfront, Archaean's Mirror


NameStaminaPowerSPEXPAPItem obtainedOptimal lures Fishing spots
Striped Catfish
(Banded Catfish)
Striped Catfish
600001.424401Catfish MucusNeedle 1,000: Cactuar, Needle 1,000: Gold CactuarDaurell Spring (night), Archaean's Mirror (night)


NameStaminaPowerSPEXPAPItem obtainedOptimal lures Fishing spots
Jade Snakehead
Jade Snakehead
700001.924852Snakehead ScalesStinker: Great Malboro, Giant Needle 10,000: Gigantuar, Giant Needle 10,000: Gold Gigantuar, Jumbo Tusk: Green GarulaDaurell Spring (night/rainy), The Vesperpool - East Bank (night)

Pink Jade GarEdit

Catching Pink Jade Gar in FFXV

Catching Pink Jade Gar.

Pink Jade Gar is a superfish only attracted with the Big Master Typhon lure won from Totomostro. It swims in erratic patterns and never stays still, making it easy to identify on the radar. One trick to reeling it in is to tap the pause button and adjust the reel/do not reel and direction while the game is paused. Because the water is murky it is hard to see the fish under the surface, but the player should always aim to direct the rod the same way the fish is moving; by pausing the game it is easier to get the correct direction even before the prompts show up. The screen always moves to the same direction the fish is moving.


Dory of the DeepEdit

Dory of the Deep shop from FFXV
Dory of the Deep is in the forests of Schier Heights in southern Duscae. The path leading there is by the tunnel opening on the east. It is always open. Noctis's fishing level affects the prices:
  • Level 3: Tackle shops offer a 10% discount
  • Level 6: Tackle shops offer a 30% discount
  • Level 9: Tackle shops offer a 50% discount
Item Cost
Spider Silk 30
Super Baleen 100
Burrower: Mad Pink Sandworm 200
Burrower: Green Sandworm 200
Burrower: Abyss Worm 200
Whiskers: Pearly Moogle 50
Whiskers: Crystal 50
Whiskers: Chocolate 50
Fatal Roulette: Ahriman 50
Fatal Roulette: Floating Eye 50
Fatal Roulette: Bloody Eye 50
Hell Blaster 3,000
Acubens 4,500



Diamond Bracelet location in Ch.15.

In Chapter 15 the player can also find a Diamond Bracelet near the road in Schier Heights.

The fishing spot has a "Fish Fanatics Monthly" magazine that says: Cherrycomb Trout Feeding on the Surface—Splashes disturb the still waters of the Wennath—music to an angler's ears!


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