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Daurell Caverns is an optional dungeon in south Duscae in Final Fantasy XV. The recommended level for the quest is 28, but it is based on the dungeon boss's level; some enemies are much tougher, but it's possible to run past some of them. It might still be wise to wait until past level 40.

The dungeon is found in the south of the Causcherry Plains in Duscae. The player can park up on the road directly south of the H in "Causcherry" (or north of the G in "Heights") and follow the path south. There is a fishing spot nearby; following the path southeast will find the entrance to the dungeon. The dungeon has pools of poison inside, remains of warfare against Niflheim thirty years prior. It has a sealed door to a menace dungeon whose monoliths reveal the thoughts of a king who wanted to be forgotten from history for the shame he felt for hiding sealed daemons within his realm.


On top of the big boulder, right outside the cavern entrance.

Series of caves situated in the once resource-rich Schier Heights. The area's fertile soil and natural springs coupled with the warmth of the Meteor made for an ideal environment in which crops thrived and agriculture boomed.
Unfortunately, the great war had a considerably deleterious impact on the region. The kingdom used the high ground as the strategic base of operations, but the lack of ventilation in the caves made the empire's toxic weaponry all the more effective. Poison seeped into the earth, tainting the soil and turning the land completely infertile.
Even veteran hunters hesitate to explore the caverns, now overrun with daemons. The only folks who venture inside are the most foolhardy of fishermen, led there by rumors of a reservoir deep underground that acts as home to some real whoppers.


Clearing the dungeonEdit

The player will run into Necromancers that can outright kill Noctis from full HP, bypassing the "Danger" buffer. It is best to block their attacks. If they grab Noctis, the player should tap Circle/B, as failing to escape kills Noctis. They are weak to broadswords, shields, and ice, and resist lightning. They can confuse party members with clouds of smoke, or petrify them with their triangle beam ranged attack.

The player can take the left (southwest) fork and follow the path round. The player should climb down at the end to the lower level where a Ronin and couple Hecteyes spawn. Going through the narrow passageway will encounter poison on the floor that is mildly damaging to walk on.

At the junction there's a fishing spot straight ahead. The main path continues to the left. There is another battle against Necromancers past the junction. As the corridor widens further down more Nercomancers, Ronins, and Skeletons will attack.

At the next fork the right leads to a dead end. Ronins will spawn if the player explores it. At the end of the main path more Necromancers, Hecteyes, and Ronins will spawn and the player must fight them amid poison.

The player must next edge their way around the scaffolding to a ladder, descend and climb back up to open the shortcut, and continue to follow the scaffolding. After going past the narrow ledge, the player must head up the slope to find the Iron Giant boss. Ronins, Hecteyes, and Necromancers spawn alongside him. The player should aim to kill the Necromancers first. Killing the enemies completes the dungeon. Prompto's Starshell might come in handy, as the enemies are all daemons.

Daurell Stills fishingEdit


A fishing spot inside the caverns.

The fishing spot in the caverns is Daurell Stills. It was added in v1.02 patch.


NameStaminaPowerSPEXPAPItem obtainedOptimal lures Fishing spots
Bizarre Barramundi
(Weird Barramundi)
Bizarre Barramundi
1400002.0301805Barramundi InnardsDeadly Waters: SahaginDaurell Stills


NameStaminaPowerSPEXPAPItem obtainedOptimal lures Fishing spots
Cave Dace
Cave Dace
250001.38101Dace ScalesBurrower: Abyss WormDaurell Stills (morning)


NameStaminaPowerSPEXPAPItem obtainedOptimal lures Fishing spots
Opal Snakehead
Opal Snakehead
3000003.2321503Snakehead ScalesNeedle 1,000: Gold CactuarDaurell Stills (night)
Lurking Catfish
(Lurk Catfish)
Lurking Catfish
2000002.838803Poisonous Catfish FinGiant Needle 10,000: Gold GigantuarDaurell Stills (night)