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Dastardly Dominus is a time-limited event where The Emperor from Final Fantasy II can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario may include characters not yet recruited by the player.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Story Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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Cornerstone of Ambition:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

  • Chocobo: Kweh! Kweh, kweh!
  • Terra: That's a good chocobo.
  • Firion: Looking at this almost makes me forget we're in the midst of a battle.
  • Layle: Playing around is fine, but try not to ruffle their feathers!

(The ground shakes)

  • Firion: Wh-what is this trembling!?
  • Mog: I've detected powerful magic coming from over there, kupo!
  • Mog: I've got a bad feeling about this! We should go check it out, kupo!

(The Emperor defeats a group of Skeletons)

  • The Emperor: Insufficient... This simply won't do...
  • The Emperor: I need more power to see my ambitions through...
  • Firion: The Emperor!

(The party arrives)

  • The Emperor: Ah, the worms have come crawling.
  • Layle: Did you just take out some monsters? Weren't they your subordinates?
  • Terra: Don't tell me you also mean to destroy all life...!?
  • The Emperor: Please. I am nothing like that blathering buffoon.
  • The Emperor: They have offered their magic energies up to me. A far more significant purpose than meaningless destruction.
  • The Emperor: It will become a part of my new castle...
  • Firion: You're absorbing the power of monsters to rebuild Pandemonium?
  • Layle: That didn't turn out so well before. And now you're trying to make a new one?
  • Layle: I'd almost think you're being vindictive...but really you've just got a lot of time on your hands, huh?
  • Firion: Emperor! We won't let you do as you please!
  • Firion: We'll stop you here! Let's go!
  • Terra: Yes!
  • Layle: Leave it to me!
  • The Emperor: The girl born with magic powers and the man imbued with the power of the crystal...
  • Layle: ...Quit staring, would you? You're creeping me out...
  • The Emperor: I hope you have no qualms with being sacrifices.
  • Firion: You can't mean...!
  • The Emperor: Submit your power to me, you worms!
  • The Emperor: Consider it an honor to be a cornerstone of my ambition! Ahahahaha!
Imperial Nuisance:
  • The Emperor: You impudent worms...!
  • Leon: Give up, Emperor. Your ambitions end here.
  • The Emperor: Traitors have no right to speak.
  • The Emperor: Have you forgotten that I was the one to gift you that power?
  • Leon: Enough! My strength comes from the desire to protect my comrades!
  • The Emperor: Emotions... How useless.
  • The Emperor: But it would be hasty for me to give up here.
  • Maria: What are you saying?
  • The Emperor: I see now that even worms can be strong when they band together...
  • The Emperor: So tell me: what is the secret to your power!?
  • Bartz: Secret? Fighting together.
  • Ace: Not something you could understand.
  • The Emperor: It is because I do not understand that I cannot overlook this.
  • The Emperor: I look forward to seeing you grow into worthy human sacrifices...

(The Emperor disappears)

  • Maria: Wait!
  • Leon: He got away...
  • Bartz: Just what was he trying to say?
  • Ace: He called us human sacrifices...most likely to complete his plans.
  • Ace: What's that?

(The Emperor's Dimensional Coordinates are left behind)

  • Maria: Dimensional coordinates!?
  • Bartz: Did he leave them here!?
  • Ace: He said he looked forward to seeing us grow... I get it.
  • Ace: Should we keep it?
  • Firion: Throw them away. I have less than no desire to cooperate with him.
  • Maria: Me neither! How horrid!
  • Bartz: I understand how you guys feel, but...
  • Bartz: Look.

(The Chocobos arrive and gather around the coordinates)

  • Chocobo: Kweh? Kweh?
  • Maria: The chocobos...
  • Bartz: It seems like they're interested in those coordinates.
  • Bartz: We just can't leave something like that lying around...
  • Ace: If any harm came to the chocobos...!
  • Leon: For heaven's sake... Your love for chocobos knows no bounds.
  • Leon: I suppose we had best pick them up then...
  • Firion: L-Leon, are you out of your mind!?
  • Bartz: I understand how you guys feel, Firion, but the chocobos are blameless.
  • Ace: It's up to us to decide whether or not to call on the Emperor in battle.
  • Ace: There may come a time when we have no choice...
  • Leon: ...And must we simply accept the conditions.
  • Maria: How did it come to this...?
Domination is His Name:
  • Barret: I can't take this...
  • Barret: It's fine if he comes to help, but how long is he going to keep calling us "worms"!?
  • Selphie: It's so weird, right? I guess it's because he really, really looks down on us.
  • Deuce: Why did he decide to work with us after all this time?
  • Firion: The Emperor?

(The Final Fantasy II party arrives)

  • Barret: Yeah! I can't stand the jerk!
  • Selphie: He keeps saying "ambition" this and "ambition" that! Just what does he want?
  • Firion: To dominate the world.
  • Maria: He used monsters to conquer our world...
  • Maria: I think he plans to do the same here. Now there are just more worlds he can invade.
  • Barret: ...That's simple enough.
  • Selphie: "The world is mine! Mwahaha!" A for real, by-the-book villain!
  • Deuce: You might call it refreshing...
  • Leon: But that is what makes him so terrifying.
  • Leon: He believes that his dominion is the only justice.
  • Leon: Those who stand in his way are obstacles he has no choice but to destroy.
  • Selphie: Ahhh, that's why he calls us worms!
  • Deuce: That's what cleared things up for you...?
  • Leon: He will use whatever means necessary to gain total control...
  • Barret: So he's like a monster that can speak? Great...
  • Barret: So? What's got that monster wanting to hang out with us?
  • Firion: The Emperor judges a person's value by how much he can use them.
  • Maria: Do you remember when he worked with Seymour?
  • Selphie: Yes! And he totally betrayed him!
  • Firion: The Emperor can't use any of Spiritus's warriors, so they don't have any value to him.
  • Deuce: I see... That's why he's setting his sights on us.
  • Firion: Whether he uses us or eliminates us only spells out trouble...
  • Selphie: Then why don't we just pretend to be super weak in front of him next time?
  • Selphie: Then he'll think we're useless, attack us, and we can beat 'im up!
  • Barret: I don't think we can do that...
  • Maria: There is a chance the Emperor will try to trick us in the future.
  • Leon: So we shouldn't let ourselves be deluded by his words.
  • Leon: Like...someone before.
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