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Master Darlavon, also known as Daravon, is a non-player character in Final Fantasy Tactics. He was a professor at the Gariland Royal Military Akademy and is known to have been a participant of the Fifty Years' War. He was commissioned as chief aide-de-camp for one tour of duty, and as such, had little actual combat experience. Darlavon is in charge of teaching the player about gameplay elements.

Mimic Darlavon

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions makes it clear that Darlavon has a beautiful daughter and suggests that even she can be recruited. If the player happens to gain Aldebrand in a random recruitment, his character quote will say "Darlavon's daughter is a maiden fair", and Margarete's character quote will say "My father tells the most boring stories. They put everyone to sleep!" This suggests that she is Darlavon's daughter since he is best known for his extremely long speeches. Regardless, both Aldebrand and Margarete are normal characters with no special abilities and are both randomly recruited. The Orator has a speechcraft ability named after him called Mimic Darlavon, which induces Sleep. His sleep-inducing speeches can also be referenced from his first name, Bordam (Boredom).

Darlavon's lines are among the worst-translated in the original Final Fantasy Tactics; some shining examples are, "Items being used are items used in battle", and, "This was the darkened items won't appear".

Darlavon himself can only be encountered in the tutorial section.