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A military canine serving as Rufus's personal guard dog. A one-off breed specially enhanced by Shinra's R&D Division, it follows its master's orders without hesitation, and will die to protect him.

Enemy Intel

Darkstar is a boss in Final Fantasy VII Remake who, along with its master Rufus, is fought by Cloud on the helipad of the Shinra Building during "The Showdown" section of Chapter 17 "Deliverance from Chaos". How much health Darkstar has also determines Rufus's battle style, and the aim is to defeat the dog before focusing taking its owner down.



Physical damage = Physical damage
Magic damage = Magical damage
Attack Pic Description Block KB(Knockback)
Physical damageBite Bites Cloud. Y N
Physical damageSpear Whip Whips with its tentacles. Y N
Physical damageFollow-Up Attacks as a follow-up to Rufus's attack on Cloud. N N
Physical damageWhirlwhip Jumps and slams its tentacle onto Cloud. Y Y
Physical damageSubdue Subdue from FFVII Remake Glows red and pounces and binds Cloud, tossing him into the air for Rufus to follow up. - Y
Physical damageCorkscrew Glows red and charges while spinning. Y Y
Magic damageThunder Casts Thunder Thunder for Lightning Lightning damage. Y N
Magic damageCuraga Casts Curaga Curaga on Rufus. - -


Rufus will use a shotgun attack that stuns Cloud, while Darkstar can use Corkscrew and heals and buffs Rufus. After Darkstar loses 50% HP, Rufus will gain a new powerful ranged attacks using his coins. Darkstar uses close-ranged attacks that can be countered. It uses Thunder, prompting Rufus to use Thunderclap in lieu. If the player is attacking Rufus rather than Darkstar, the dog will heal its master with Curaga. Rufus at times briefly calls Darkstar off from attacking with Heel.


Countering in Punisher Mode.

The player should focus in defeating Darkstar first. Cloud's attacks under Punisher Mode can be used to pressure it, and its guard can be used to counterattack Darkstar. Cloud's Counterstance ability is also useful, timed when the ability name appears above the dog's head. When Rufus uses Heel, Darkstar will not attack for a moment, and the player can engage with their own attacks rather than just counterattack; Triple Slash is good.

As most of Darkstar's attacks are physical, Cloud can mitigate damage with Barrier Barrier. As there are no elemental weaknesses to exploit, linking Elemental Materia Elemental Materia with Lightning Materia Lightning Materia can be used to protect against Darkstar and Rufus's lightning attacks. Equipping Chakra Materia Chakra Materia lets Cloud heal without using MP, useful for hard mode.

Once Darkstar is defeated, the player can focus on Rufus.

Behind the scenes[]

Darkstar artwork for FFVII Remake.png

In the Final Fantasy VII Remake art book, included with the game's special edition, the artwork for Darkstar has him named "Umbra".