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Dark knight job command. Cursed sword techniques cut down the foe.


Darkness (暗黒, Ankoku?) is the action ability of the Dark Knight job in Final Fantasy Tactics. It includes draining abilities as well as powerful damaging attacks based on the user's HP. Darkness abilities require an equipped sword to be performed.

Dark Knight job is usable by the player in the The War of the Lions version. In the original PlayStation version, "Dark Knight" was Gaffgarion's exclusive job. His job has since been renamed to Fell Knight. While his two abilities, Shadowblade and Duskblade, appear identical to Sanguine Sword and Infernal Strike, Gaffgarion's variants are slightly more powerful.


Name Range Effect Speed JP Needed
Sanguine Sword 3 1 Now 500
Absorb HP from the target.
Element: Weapon's Element.
Infernal Strike 3 1 Now 500
Absorb MP from the target.
Element: Weapon's Element.
Crushing Blow 3 2 Now 300
Inflict damage with a sinister sword.
Element: Weapon's Element.
Effect: Stop.
Abyssal Blade 3 2 Now 1000
Sacrifice own HP to deal damage to others, with the nearest units suffering the most damage.
Element: Weapon's Element.
Unholy Sacrifice 1 3 Now 1200
Sacrifice own HP to deal extensive damage to all units in range.
Element: Dark.
Effect: Slow.

Damage formulae[]

The amount of HP/MP drained by Sanguine Sword/Infernal Sword is as follows:

The amount of damage done by Crushing Blow is as follows:

The damage for Abyssal Blade is as follows:

1st Row: (WP+3)*PA, 2nd Row:(WP+1)*PA, 3rd Row:WP*[PA/2]

  • The closer the enemy the more damage they take.

The damage for Unholy Sacrifice is as follows:

The BF Factor that determines damage for Abyssal Blade and Unholy Sacrifice is:

  • If using a knight's sword: (Bravery/100) [damage reduced if Bravery < 100]
  • If using a fell sword:([100-Faith]/100) [damage reduced if Faith > 0]
  • If using a regular sword: 1

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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  • Crushing Blow shares the same animation effect as the Vengeance ability used by the Templar job.
  • Abyssal Blade shares the same animation effect as the Shockwave ability used by the Monk job.
  • Unholy Darkness shares the same animation affect as the Kotetsu ability used by the Samurai job.