Darkmare is a fiend/nightmare-type enemy in Final Fantasy XII. One can be found in the Ward of the Sword-King area of the Stilshrine of Miriam. When approached, it will teleport far behind the party, but will teleport back to the party seconds later.

It rarely drops the Demon Mail. Darkmare is the only enemy that drops both types of grimoires, important loot to make one of the most powerful offensive items, Dark Matter.

Bestiary entry[edit | edit source]

Page 1: Observations[edit | edit source]

Being a nightmare transformed by long years of living in lands saturated with Mist, preferring to inhabit ruins and other places starved of light. Mist rises in clouds about its body, and pours incessantly from its mane and hooves.

Page 2: Aletap Rumors[edit | edit source]

Stats[edit | edit source]

In the original Japanese version, Darkmare has overall much lower stats. The English guides give the enemy's old stats rather than the updated stats for the North American/European version. The stats from the overseas versions were used for the Zodiac versions.

Original Japanese version stats:
  • HP: 4680–4738
  • Strength: 28–29
  • Magick: 18–20
  • EXP: 1456–1557

The Original Japanese Guidebook cites Darkmare's MP as being 1100–1180, but subsequent guides list it as 999.

Battle[edit | edit source]

The Darkmare is one of several enemies that respawn only when certain conditions are met. It only spawns in the Ward of the Sword-King in the Stilshrine of Miriam. To fulfill the required headcount to fill out the bestiary, the player cannot repeatedly respawn the Darkmare while Negalmuur hasn't been killed during the visit. Instead, a respawn can be forced by saving and resetting, preferably at the save crystal in the neighboring zone, the Walk of Revelation, or by leaving the area completely (i.e. teleporting to another location and then teleporting back).

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Pictlogica Final Fantasy[edit | edit source]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[edit | edit source]

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