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Dark Orb in Final Fantasy XI.

Dark Orb (ダークオーブ, Dāku Ōbu?) is a recurring ability in the series.


Final Fantasy XI[]

Dark Orb
MP 124
Effect Deals dark damage to an enemy.
Duration N/A
Casting Time 9 seconds
Recast Time 72 seconds
Magic Type Blue Magic
Element Dark
Jobs BLU 93

Dark Orb is a Blue Magic spell learned from Gargouille enemies. Dark Orb deals dark-elemental damage to a single enemy. It costs 3 Blue Magic points to equip. When set, it grants AGI +2 and MND +2. It takes 9 seconds to cast nd can be recast every 72 seconds.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Dark Orb is an enemy ability used by demons and Ascians. It deals unaspected damage to a single target, though the specifics vary depending on the user. Bosses that use Dark Orb include Lahabrea, Igeyorhm, and Void Soulcounters.


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