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Fight with a sword and use magical arts known as Arcana.

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DarkKnight-ffx2-icon The Dark Knight is a dressphere in Final Fantasy X-2 obtained in the Bevelle Underground in Chapters 2, 3, or 5, in a treasure chest near the end of the area. In addition to Darkness and self-damaging skills, they use a number of status effect-inflicting spells, like Bio and Death, via their Arcana skillset.


The Dark Knight dons heavy black and spiked battle armor.

Yuna wears indigo-tinted armor covering her chest, arms, and hips with pink and teal accents. Her armor is smoother than the others'. She wears pink bikini bottoms, pink thigh covers, knee-high armored boots and a crescent-shaped helmet.

Rikku wears brown-tinted armor covering her chest, arms, and hips with pink and teal accents. Her armor is spiked on the shoulders. She wears pink bikini and pink thigh covers. She wears knee-high armored boots and a spiked helmet.

Paine wears black armor covering her chest, arms, and hips with pink and teal accents. Her armor is pricklier than the others'. She wears pink bikini bottoms over blue shorts and pink thigh covers. She wears knee-high armored boots and a half moon-shaped prickly helmet.

Yuna wields Tidus's Caladbolg, Rikku wields Auron's Masamune, and Paine wields a customized sword.

Yuna's victory pose is to put her sword into the ground, then rest her arms and head on the hilt. Rikku holds her sword behind her, while Paine spins her sword above her head, then puts her sword into the ground.


Mastering Dark Knight requires 490 Ability Points. Arcana abilities can be used outside of the Dark Knight dressphere by equipping the Arcane Lore accessory or the Chaos Maelstrom Garment Grid. Yuna has access to Arcana abilities through the Mascot dressphere. Even though it is classified as Arcana magic, Dark Knight cannot learn Osmose. Osmose is instead accessible through the Covetous Garment Grid.

Spellspring can reduce Darkness's HP cost to 0, despite it being meant to apply only to MP costs.

Dark Knight's auto-abilities immunize her to status ailments.

Command abilities

Name AP MP Description Prerequisite Image
Attack Initial Attack one enemy. None FFX-2 Dark Knight attack
Arcana Varies Varies Cast Arcana spells.
Darkness Initial Sacrifice HP to damage all enemies. None FFX-2 Darkness
Charon 20 Sacrifice life to heavily damage one enemy. None FFX-2 Charon


Name AP Description Prerequisite
Poisonproof 30 Character is bestowed with complete protection against Poison status. None
Stoneproof 30 Character is bestowed with complete protection against Petrification. Poisonproof
Confuseproof 30 Character is bestowed with complete protection against Confusion. None
Curseproof 30 Character is bestowed with immunity against Curse which prohibits her from changing Dressphere. None
Deathproof 40 Character is bestowed with immunity to Instant Death. Curseproof


Level HP MP Strength Magic Defense Magic
Agility Accuracy Evasion Luck +
3 347942220100663610008
4 405972522102683610008
5 4621012723103683610008
6 5191042925104693610008
7 5771073226105703610008
8 6341103428106713610008
9 6911133629107713610008
12 8611234334111743710119
13 9181254535111743710119
14 9741284836112763710119
15 10311325037113763710119
16 10871355139114763710119
17 11431385440115773710119
18 1405642116783710119
19 12551435842116783710119
22 142215264471208138102210
23 147715565471198038102210
24 153315869491218238102210
25 158816171501228238102210
26 164316472521238338102210
27 169816775521238438102210
28 175316976541248438102210
29 180717278551258438102210
32 197118183591288639103311
33 202518385591278639103311
34 207918687611298839103311
35 213319089621308839103311
36 218719291631308839103311
37 224119594641318939103311
38 229519795651319039103211
39 234920097661329039103211
42 2509208102691349240104311
43 2562211103701349140104311
44 2615213105711359340104311
45 2668216107721369340104311
46 2721219108731369340103311
47 2773221110741379440103311
48 2826224112751379440103311
49 2878226114761389440103311
52 3035234118791409641104412
53 3087236120801409640104412
54 3139239122811419740104312
55 3191242123811419740104312
56 3242244124831429740104312
57 3294247126831429840104311
58 3345249127841429840104311
59 3397251128851439840104311
62 3550259133881459941105412
63 3601261134881449941105412
64 36512631368914510041105412
65 37022661378914510041104412
66 37532681389114610041104312
67 38032711409114610141104312
68 38532731419214610141104312
69 39032751429214610141104312
72 40532821479514810242105412
73 41032841489514710242105412
74 41532861509614810341105412
75 42022891519714910341105412
76 42512911519814910341105312
77 43012931539814910341105312
78 43502951549914910441105312
79 43992971559914910341104312
82 454530415810115010442105412
83 459430615910114910442105412
84 464230816110215010542105412
85 469131116210215010442105312
86 473931316310315010542105312
87 478731516410315010542105312
88 483531716510415010542105312
89 488331816610415010542105312
92 502632516810615110542105412
93 507332716910615010542105312
94 512132817010715110642105312
95 516833117110715110542105312
96 521533317210815110542105312
97 526233517410815110642105312
98 530933717410915110642105311
99 535533817510915110542105311

Other appearances

Final Fantasy X-2: Last Mission

Dark Knight increases Defense, Magic and Accuracy by 1 point per each level. It has the highest HP of all available dresspheres and is the only dressphere with abilities that cost HP instead of MP, these skills drain HP from the base character and not the dressphere itself. Its regular attack range is one tile ahead of the character. Multiple copies can be found on the ground inside the tower or bought in shops.


Name Cost Description Range Image
(P)Dark Blade 40 HP Damages enemies. (Unique) 7x7 square around the character.
(M)Black Sky 80 HP Damages enemies. Entire room.
(-)Doom 5 HP Inflicts the Doom status. One tile ahead of the character.


Name AP Description Prerequisite
50% Discount 70 Items are 50% cheaper in shops. Dark Knight + Warrior + Samurai
Confuseproof 55 Prevents the Confusion status. Dark Knight + Gunner
Darktouch 60 Inflicts Darkness when attacking physically. Dark Knight + Gun Mage
Doomproof 60 Prevents the Doom status. Dark Knight + Samurai + Trainer
Magic Training 50 Magic goes up easier when leveling up. Dark Knight + White Mage
MP Heal Over Time 75 Restores a small amount of MP every few turns. Dark Knight + Gun Mage + Black Mage

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

DFFOO Black Sky
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Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade

Weapon Cards
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Creation and development

From a design standpoint, Paine's Dark Knight is costume designer Tsukamoto's favorite of Paine's designs. "I handled a lot of monster designs prior to working on the costumes for FFX-2", he says. "It feels like the scales of the monsters apply to this design. That's why I like it a lot." He also reveals that each of the girls' head pieces reflect their personalities, with the sharp edges of Paine's head piece to reflect her prickly outlook.



Dark knights, also known as black knights, were a minority group of knights who refused to serve lords or kings. Instead they either looted and raided, hunted bounties, or lived off the charity from the more humble folk, in much the same manner as a Japanese ronin. As they had no master, and thus no squire, they would paint their armor a signature black color to prevent rust and damage. Dark knights were considered by many a necessary evil, as they would protect villages and lesser people from invaders and bandits, but would also cause problems in the regions they dwelt in to sustain themselves. In some legends, black knights were reputed to be nigh-invincible in combat.

The Charon ability's name is taken from the Greek mythology's Charon, the ferryman who transports the newly deceased across the river Styx.

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