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The Dark Kindred is a shadowy force based in the Northlands, popularly believed to have been summoned by the Shadow Lord from the underworld, in Final Fantasy XI. Prior to the outbreak of the Crystal War, they clashed with the Orcish empire in the frozen north, soon defeating the Bloodwing Horde and captured their leader, Kingslayer Doggvdegg. The orcs joined under the Shadow Lord's banner, and Doggvdegg eventually became a commander of the Orcish Hosts. Along with the Quadav Shieldwarriors and Yagudo Theomilitary, they established the Beastman Confederate.

During the Crystal War, the Dark Kindred oversaw the war effort from Castle Zvahl. In addition to supervising the beastmen forces, they sent elite troops to the battlefield, led by commanders such as the fomor sorceress Shadowhand and the Shadowhorn taurus, as well as recruiting freelances such as the undead, former San d'Orian king Raigegue R d'Oraguille, and the gigas mercenary Eurytos. They also train and loan out units of Imp scholars to assist in defending confederate held territory by healing and enhancing fellow beastmen forces.

With the Shadow Lord's defeat and the dissolution of the Beastman Confederate, the Kindred disappeared. In recent time, however, they've returned to Castle Zvahl and began to dominate the forsaken Valdeaunia region. Whether this is connected to the rumors of the Shadow Lord's resurrection, and/or the sightings of the Dark Rider in the Near East, is unknown.

The Dark Kindred also appear in Dynamis, in the Dynamis - Xarcabard and Dynamis - Tavnazia areas. Unlike the normal Kindred, they appear in a diverse range of jobs like the Forlorn Vanguard and Hydra Corps.