Dark Ifrit is an optional boss in the International, PAL, and HD Remaster versions of Final Fantasy X. He can be encountered on Bikanel after gaining Fahrenheit, near the entrance to where the Al Bhed Home was. The player must offer help to an Al Bhed woman, who says she has lost her child, who is soon discovered to be a summoner in disguise; even though the Al Bhed are viewed as heretics by Yevon, the summoner can speak the Al Bhed language.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Battle[edit | edit source]

Dark Ifrit's physical attack is strong due to his high Strength, and he counters every offensive action with it, including Steal. His special move, Meteor Strike, is used on his turns. Unlike the regular Ifrit's Meteor Strike, Dark Ifrit's is magical and inflicts Delay (strong), but it does not ignore protective measures, meaning it can be halved with Shell.

His Overdrive is Hellfire, which is the only one of Dark Ifrit's attacks that hits multiple targets. None of Dark Ifrit's attacks are elemental. Only Dark Ifrit's physical attack's damage depends on the character's stats. Both Meteor Strike and Hellfire deal fixed damage (apart from random variation); around 20,310 to 22,933 (in Meteor Strike), while 30,465 to 34,401 (in Hellfire). Dark Ifrit's Overdrive gauge increases by 5% when targeted and 10% when using Meteor Strike.

The summoner upon Dark Ifrit's defeat runs into a Sandragora while trying to escape.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

If the party's HP is not extremely high it is best to cast Auto-Life, or call an aeon. The battle should not be difficult if the player heals frequently, or has the Auto-Phoenix ability, but high Agility, Accuracy, Strength, and Defense are still recommended. It will help if Wakka or Tidus have Break Damage Limit so that their Attack Reels and Blitz Ace Overdrives deal a lot of damage.

As with any other enemy, Dark Ifrit can be killed instantly by Yojimbo's Zanmato attack.

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[edit | edit source]

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Etymology[edit | edit source]

In Arabian mythology, Ifrit (also spelled Efreet or Afreet, from Arabic عفريت Ifrīt), is the name given to a class of Jinn (Demons also known as Djinn, Djinni, and Genie) that embody fire. Though they could live for thousands of years, they were not immortal, and if cut, they would "bleed" the fire running through their veins until it consumed their bodies.

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