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Resistant to physical attacks and cuts all elemental damage by half. Casts non-elemental magic like Demi, Bio, Flare, Osmose, and Drain. Kimahri can learn White Wind.

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The Dark Flan is an enemy from Final Fantasy X found in the caverns of Mt. Gagazet and in the Zanarkand ruins. It is a colossal flan that, unlike the flan encountered earlier, is not weak to elements.



Wow! Say, is that edible?


The Dark Flan will appear alone in battle and is a much larger, non-elemental, and more powerful version of its smaller cousins. It casts Demi, Bio, Drain, Osmose, and Flare; Demi has a 50% chance of being used, while the others have an even chance. The Dark Flan will immediately use White Wind to heal itself the first time if falls below 33% HP, and has a 33% chance to use it again whenever it falls below that threshold afterwards. Unlike the other flan encountered in Spira, it does not have an elemental weakness.

It drops armor and weapons with MP+ and Magic+ abilities. Additionally this is Kimahri's only chance, outside his duel with Biran and Yenke, to learn White Wind.


To dispatch the Dark Flan, the player can pound away with physical attacks after using Armor Break. If Auron's attack power is high enough, he can dispatch the flan within a couple hits. Another option is to use Mental Break and then use magic. Both breaks will set the flan's opposing defenses to 0. Players should use Flare if they have it, since the flan halves all elements.

Dark Flan has no means of removing Silence, even with White Wind. The player can inflict Zombie on it, then heal or use Life or a Phoenix Down. Inflicting Zombie status has the added benefit of causing the flan to damage itself when it uses White Wind, though this will also remove the status. One can also use Reflect to cause Dark Flan to attack itself with Flare.

Other appearances[]

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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Dark Flan appears as an enemy.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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