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Deal extra damage when using a sword!

In-game description.

Dark Fencer is a crown in Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light obtained by defeating Satan in the Magic Laboratory.

Its special ability causes the user to deal extra damage when equipped with a sword. Like traditional Dark Knights in the series, the Dark Fencer can sacrifice their HP to perform stronger attacks. The crown's third ability, Eye for an Eye, can be useful when the player is in a tough situation and can deal incredible damage to bosses if their health is low enough. Players should be cautious using the crown's final ability, Amok, since the user will repeatedly use Darkside until they have only 1 HP left.

When players use any of the crown's health-consuming moves, they should have Curaga prepared to heal their wounds or else the enemy can KO the party's Dark Fencer fairly quick. The crown provides a strong Strength and health multipliers, but it lacks in Intellect and Spirit multipliers. The job's special armor, Dark Fencer Armor, provides a 10% boost to the user's Attack power and Strength.


HP Strength Intellect Spirit
1.3 1.6 1.0 1.0

Short Sword Sword Bow Staff Spear Axe Book Harp

Offensive Magic Recovery Magic Evade Magic Evade


Name Description AP Gems Needed Image
Darkside Deal damage to one foe by sacrificing some HP. 1 None FF4HoL Darkside.png
Darker Side Deal damage to all foes by sacrificing some HP. 2 Topaz ×5
Sapphire ×5
Eye for an Eye Attack damage increases with lower HP. 3 Ruby ×2
Emerald ×6
Topaz ×6
Amethyst ×1
Eye for an Eye.png
Amok Use Darkside repeatedly until all your HP is consumed. 5 Topaz ×7
Lapis ×3
Aquamarine ×7
Amethyst ×2
Diamond ×1



In European history, dark knights, also known as black knights, were a minority group of knights who refused to serve lords or kings. Instead they either looted and raided, hunted bounties, or lived off the charity from the more humble folk, in much the same manner as a Japanese ronin. As they had no master, and thus no squire, they would paint their armor a signature black color to prevent rust and damage. Dark knights were considered by many a necessary evil, as they would protect villages and lesser people from invaders and bandits, but would also cause problems in the regions they dwelt in to sustain themselves. In some legends, black knights were reputed to be nigh-invincible in combat.