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Dark Elf is a boss from Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. It has the same appearance as it did in Final Fantasy IV.


Battle Edit

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Strategy Edit

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Hex (PSP).

Palom should focus on bombarding the Dark Elf with either Level 2 elemental spells or Bio if he has it, while Leonora should cast Slow, and then focus on healing with Cura. It is highly recommended to fight the Dark Elf during the Waxing Moon to lower his damage dealt with Black Magic. This will lower Palom's Black Magic damage dealt, too, but it also raises Leonora's White Magic healing potential, so she will be able to heal more HP.

Once the Dark Elf transforms into a Dragon, Palom should cast his fastest Black Magic Spells and Leonora continue to heal, and hold on until Shiva arrives.

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