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FFT Dark Dragon Portrait
I shall eat you up!
—Bremondt, the Dark Dragon

Dark Dragon is a enemy monster from Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions.

The Dark Dragon is nearly identical to the Dragons, monsters that can be encountered as regular enemies. Unlike the Dragon monsters, the Dark Dragon possesses all three elemental breaths minus the physical techniques such as Charge and Tail Sweep.

Despite his name, he can still take damage from Dark elemental attacks and he possesses no elemental weaknesses at all. Due to him having three innate Stat-Enhancing Abilities, this makes him a dangerous monster.

There has been only one Dark Dragon seen within the story, and that person is Celebrant Bremondt who willingly transformed into one.

Stats Edit

An evil human being, transformed into this dark dragon with devastating attacks and a variety of breath effects.
Move Rate Jump Rate Speed Physical Evasion Rate Base Attack Base Magic Base HP Base MP
5 3 8 5% High High High Average

Abilities Edit

Innate Abilities Edit

Breath Edit

Dark Dragon job command. Annihilate foes with tremendous breath attacks.
Ability Range Effect Speed
Fire Breath 2 (Four directions) 1 Now
Attack with breath of flame.
Element: Fire
Ice Breath 2 (Four directions) 1 Now
Attack with breath of ice.
Element: Ice
Thunder Breath 2 (Four directions) 1 Now
Attack with breath of lightning.
Element: Lightning

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