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An armor relic of the holy wars. Its only weakness is the gap below its chest plate.

In-game description

Dark Crusader is an enemy from Vagrant Story. It first appears as a boss summoned by Grissom in the Snowfly Forest's Hewn from Nature area. Another Dark Crusader appears in the Iron Maiden dungeon Level 2. A surplus from fighting it is getting it to drop the Katana Angel Wing.

Stats Edit

Type A

Type B

Battle Edit

Unlike other enemies, the Dark Crusader wields named versions of weapons it has equipped.

Name Weapon Grip Gems Dropped by
Angel Wing Katana Cross Guard Demonia Type A
Isolde Rhomphaia Spiral Hilt Tertia, Marid Aquamarine Type B
Dainslaif Lancer, Seraphim Diamond
Brionac Power Palm Polaris, Sigguld
Mjolnir Basivalen, Altema
Pinaka Galerian, Titan Malachite
Sarnga Murderer's Hilt Vedivier, Djinn Amber
Izanagi Berion, Ifrit Carnelian
Ascalon Gervin, Dao Moonstone

Strategy Edit

The Dark Crusader's weakest affinity is to Air and Piercing, so casting Luft Fusion on a Piercing-type weapon helps to increase chances of inflicting damage. The Abdomen and Legs are the weakest spots. Chain attacks are not effective. Dark Crusader often uses Drain Heart to sap health from Ashley.

Etymology Edit

The terms "Crusader" and "Jihad" are both associated with the historic "holy wars" fought between the Christian Europeans and Islamic Middle-Easterners for control of the holy land, the birthplace of Jesus Christ. "Crusader" (meaning "under the cross" because they were wearing a cross on their outfit) was a term used to describe the soldiers of the Crusades, the European term for the holy wars.

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