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A Dark Arts spell being cast.

Call upon evil forces to perform Dark Arts.


FFV Dark Arts Icon iOS.pngDark Arts (あんこく, Ankoku?, lit. Darkness) is the name of the Necromancer job's ability in the Advance and iOS/Android versions of Final Fantasy V.


Dark Arts is more powerful than the Black Magic and Summon skillsets, and can be further boosted due to the equipment choices the Necromancer has (rods for Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Poison, and Air Knife for Wind). The Necromancer is similar to the Blue Mage, in that to learn any Dark Arts, the Necromancer has to learn it from opponents; the Necromancer must deal the finishing blow to a specific enemy to learn a Dark Art spell. Dark Arts is disabled if the user is silenced.

The Dark Arts are divided into five levels with increasing MP cost. These abilities are among the most devastating in the game, since they deal respectable damage, often with an elemental affinity and an added status effect.

Any job equipped with Dark Arts Level 1 will gain their character's base Freelancer Magic +13 if their default stat is lower. For each additional Dark Arts level up to level 5, the Magic bonus is increased by 4 per level, for a maximum of +29 Magic at Dark Arts Level 5.

Thus, the base Magic stat for a character with Dark Arts equipped is as follows:

  • Dark Arts Level 1 = Base Freelancer Magic +13
  • Dark Arts Level 2 = Base Freelancer Magic +17
  • Dark Arts Level 3 = Base Freelancer Magic +21
  • Dark Arts Level 4 = Base Freelancer Magic +25
  • Dark Arts Level 5 = Base Freelancer Magic +29

After leveling up the Necromancer job, a character can have the DarkArts ability equipped on any other job and use any DarkArts spell whose associated level has been attained by the Necromancer. Therefore, to be able to use all DarkArts spells as a non-Necromancer, a character must level their Necromancer job up to level 5. DarkArts is the primary ability for Necromancers, who can use all DarkArts spells without the need to attain a spell's associated level first.

The DarkArts ability requires 30 AP for level 1, 45 for level 2, 60 for level 3, 100 for level 4 and 200 for level 5.

List of Dark Arts[]

Ability Effect Learned from Lv. (Level) MP (MP cost) Pwr. (Spell power) Image
Drain Touch Absorbs HP, non-reflectable Mindflayer, The Damned 1 15 80 FFV iOS Drain Touch.png
Dark Haze Deals non-elemental damage to all enemies, inflicts Old and Confuse Lemure, Exoray 1 18 190 FFV iOS Dark Haze.png
Deep Freeze Deals Ice-elemental damage to one enemy, inflicts Stop Assassin, Dark Elemental 2 38 190 FFV iOS Deep Freeze.png
Evil Mist Deals Poison-elemental damage and inflicts Poison to all enemies Zombie Dragon, Unknown 2 38 190 FFV iOS Evil Mist.png
Meltdown Deals Fire-elemental damage and inflicts Sap on all enemies with a searing heat Liquid Flame, Claret Dragon 3 38 190 FFV iOS Meltdown.png
Hellwind Attacks all enemies with cursed winds, dealing Wind-elemental damage and inflicting Petrify Objet d'Art, Stingray 3 38 190 FFV iOS Hellwind.png
Chaos Drive Deals Lightning-elemental damage and causes Paralysis to all enemies Mini Satana 4 38 190 FFV iOS Chaos Drive.png
Curse Causes various status ailments Ironclad 4 42 0 FFV iOS Curse.png
Dark Flare Damages all enemies with a burst of dark energy. Ignores targets' magic defenses. Exdeath's Soul, Tonberry 5 52 200 FFV iOS Dark Flare.png
Doomsday Forbidden Dark Art, deals incredible damage to all enemies. Non-reflectable Hades 5 66 254 FFV iOS Doomsday.png



Dark arts may refer to black magic or maleficium.