Earth daeva. An evil spirit who casts baneful spells to sate its yearning for human life.

In-game description

Dao is an enemy from Vagrant Story. It is fought in the Hopes of the Idealist area in Grand Cathedral Lv 3.



An inverse of Djinn, Dao is the higher level Earth Elemental. As such most of its attacks are Earth-related, such as Vulcan Lance, a single target Earth attack, and Gaea Strike Lv. 3, a multiple target attack.


At this point of the game, the player would have access to Air gemstones such as Djinn Amber and Sylphid Topaz, equip them to Blunt-type weapons. Use Air-type attacks and magic (such as Luft Fusion and Thunderburst) if possible.


The battle track "Minotaur" plays during this fight. It is composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto and is the sixth track on disc 1 of the original soundtrack.

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