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Dancing Wolf is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV. A member of the Immortal Flames, he appears in the Heavensward Summoner quests.


Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

Dancing Wolf appears in the Summoner quests, investigating the dark mage attacking travelers with Ifrit-egi. He knew of Tristan Nightflicker when he was still affiliated, and how he volunteered to kill his own brother when he was tempered by Ifrit. He never realized how badly it affected him, and led to his end.

When they confront the dark mage in Northern Thanalan, Dancing Wolf is shocked to discover it is Tristan's brother. At that point, the Ascian of the Twelth Chalice reveals it was his doing, and Dancing Wolf swears vengeance on them.

He later arranges to smuggle Y'mhitra and the Adventurer into the Carteneau Flats to obtain the Dreadwyrm Trance, and is present for the final showdown against the Ascians at the Dravanian Hinterlands.



Dancing Wolf is a hellsguard roegadyn with dark green hair and yellow eyes, he wears Immortal Flames officer's gear and Flame Elite weapons.


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Dancing Wolf fights alongside the player and Y'mhitra in various Summoner job quest duties. As a tank, he deflects most of the attention to himself, giving the player flexibility to act as damage dealer.