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FFX-2 Performing Status

Performing in Final Fantasy X-2.

Dancing, also known as Dance, Singing, and Performing, is a recurring status effect in the series. It is associated with the Dancer and Bard classes in particular where the user will continue their current action until either their action ends or their action is interrupted by a status effect. Actions that induce the status effect generally grant buffs to the party or debuffs to the enemy party, and are generally never named in-game.

Appearances Edit

Final Fantasy V Edit

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Final Fantasy VI Edit

The status is not named in-game except as a battle command. This is the state entered by using the Dance command successfully. A character will automatically uses a random ability from the current dance set every turn.

It can be removed with Petrify status, KO status, and the Imp status will replace the dances with normal attacks, but it won't remove the status.

Final Fantasy X-2 Edit

Dance abilities allow the Songstress to inflict status ailments on enemies, or status enhancements on allies. However, the effects only last as long as the Songstress keeps dancing. While dancing, musical notes appear around the girl and waves of light bounce around her in a circle. The girl will continue dancing even if the battle ends. Girls do not perform a victory pose or say a victory quote while dancing.

The songs increase the player party's stats. While singing an upward swirl of lights and ascending musical notes appear.

Final Fantasy Tactics Edit

The unit is reciting poetry or dancing.
—Description (PSP)

The character is continuously singing or dancing.

Gallery Edit

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