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The Dancer is a job in Final Fantasy Dimensions obtained at the end of the third Tome of Darkness chapter from the shards of Matoya's Crystal Eye.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Dancer job class gives all Warriors of Darkness stylish clothes. Nacht wears an outfit suited for Latin dancing: an open blue jacket with nothing underneath, black trousers, and a red sash. Diana wears a blue cocktail dress with a green sash and a flower in her hair.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Innate Abilities: Dance
  • Equipment: Knives, Bows, Harps, Whips, Hats, Pointed Hats, Vests, Robes

Dance[edit | edit source]

Ability Job Level AP Needed MP Slots Description
Cure Waltz 0 34 Heals some HP to all allies.
Dance of Veils[note 1] 0 0 36 Gives 1 image effect to party.
Saber Dance[note 2] 0 0 34 Damages an enemy.
Drain Samba 1 20 20 Drains HP from one enemy.
---- 2 35
Osmose Dance 3 50 3 Drains MP from one enemy.
---- 4 70
Frailty Polka 5 90 26 Weakens enemies attacks while the dance is active
---- 6 120
Dance 7 150 Allows the usage of the Dance command.
---- 8 180
Heal Waltz 9 220 19 Removes Sleep, Confuse, Paralysis, Berserk, and Curse from one ally.
Slot+1 10 260 Number of slots increase by one.
---- 11 300
---- 12 340
Slow Minuet 13 370 28 Decreases all enemies' SPD for the duration of the dance.
---- 14 400
---- 15 420
Wonder Step 16 440 44 Randomly inflicts Sleep, Paralysis, Slow, or Instant Death on all enemies.
---- 17 450
---- 18 460
Slot+1 19 470 Number of slots increase by one.
Trance 20 490 10+ Consumes all MP and increases all stats by a corresponding amount for the remainder of the battle.
  1. Dance of Veils can be obtained in Hagakure, by talking to the guy in the bar with a dancer in the party. The player will need to go back through rifts and dance in other 3 towns and then talk to him again.
  2. Saber Dance can be obtained in the Below Castle Lux inside The Void by defeating the Sworddancer.

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