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The arts of the DANCER used to perform magickal dances with an array of unique effects.


Dance (踊り, Odori?) is the skillset of the Dancer in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. The Dance skillset consists of attacks that lower enemy stats and inflict status ailments.

Skill Equipment Range AP Image
Mincing Minuet Mastered 4
Attack without missing a step.
Blade Dance Mastered 1 FFTA2 Blade Dance.png
Swing blade in a fluid motion, striking target with two hits in quick succession. Requires: Bladed Weapon.
Forbidden Dance Heretic Rod 4 350
A dance whose name dare not be spoken for fear of the otherworldly powers it make awake. Afflicts target with random debuffs.
Slow Dance Mastered 4 FFTA2 Dance.png
A languid dance that SLOWS the target's actions.
Witch Hunt Mastered 4
The bane of mage and sorcerer. Depletes target's MP.
Polka Esztam Baton 4 250
To look on this dance in to know despair. Lowers ATTACK of units in a small area.
Heathen Frolic Force Rod 4 250
A lurid, distracting dance. Lowers MAGICK of units in a small area.
Jitterbug Staff of the Magi 4 300
A passionate dance to melt the coldest heart. Steals HP from the target.