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Perform dances that bewitch enemies.

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Dance (おどる, Odoru?) is a command in Final Fantasy V. Dance is the level 2 ability for the Dancer job. When Dance is used, one of four random abilities is used with a 25% chance for each. Equipping the Rainbow Dress, Red Slippers, or Lamia's Tiara causes the character to use Sword Dance instead of Tempting Tango, effectively increasing Sword Dance's chances of appearing to 50%. The Dancing Dagger randomly uses the Dance command instead of a normal attack when the equipped character attacks with it.
Dance Effect Image
Tempting Tango Inflicts Charm on one opponent. FFV GBA Tempting Tango
Mystery Waltz Absorbs MP from one opponent. FFV iOS Dance
Jitterbug Duet
Absorbs HP from one opponent. FFV Dance
Sword Dance Does a physical attack at quadruple power. Sword Dance FFV


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