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Danbania is an ichthian/piranha-type enemy in Final Fantasy XII found in the regions of the Yensan Sandsea. It is docile until attacked. They may pop out of the sandsea when the player approaches an edge of an area. The Danbania in both sandseas have identical stats, but a Lv.10 version may appear on Ogir-Yensa and a Lv.14 one may appear in Nam-Yensa.

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Being a variety of ichthon traveling the desert regions in flocks formed around a lone bull danbania. It is a peculiarity of their physiology that a bone juts forth from the lower jaw like a spear. Their brownish-yellow coloration perfectly blends in with the sands, camouflaging them from their greatest natural predator, the wyvern. Their fins are highly evolved for scooping at the wind, lifting them upwards, and by flapping them as a bird flaps its wings, they can fly with ease.

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The nia (ニア?) in its name is likely borrowed from "piranha" (ピラニア, pirania?).

Its name may be intented to be "dumbernha", containing the word "umber" to reference its yellow/brown coloration (which is specifically mentioned in its bestiary entry).

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