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Damon is a minor character in Final Fantasy VII Remake. He is a journalist for the Daily Buzz in Midgar that publishes news approved by the Shinra Electric Power Company. He scouts the slums for leads, hoping to unmask the mysterious "Angel of the Slums".


In "Budding Bodyguard", Damon encountered Cloud and Aerith in the Sector 5 slums. He acknowledged Cloud as a "certain merc" who had become the "talk of the town" before introducing himself as a humble reporter for the Daily Buzz.[1] Aerith criticized their rumor-filled printings on the slums, offending Damon. He defensively justified their publications, claiming they strive to raise awareness of the undercity residents' plight and seek a better future for both the rich and poor.[1]

The Angel's calling card contains a warning.

Damon asked of Cloud and Aerith had heard of the "Angel of the Slums", and requested they help him unmask the "villain" for his next printing since she stole from the rich and locals were unwilling to assist him, commencing "The Angel of the Slums". Cloud and Aerith spoke with Mireille and convinced her to speak with Damon, as she knows a lot on what is going on in the slums. Damon then sent Cloud and Aerith to the vigilante's hideout after Mireille revealed its location, saying it was guarded by a fiend. They returned with a calling card, exciting Damon with their find, and the hand-written warning directed at him. He was flustered at the prospect that had he went looking for the hideout himself, he would have likely been killed. Glad tragedy was averted, Damon encouraged Cloud and Aerith share more information with him in the future despite not being rewarded.[1]

Damon corners Yuffie for questions.

In "Episode INTERmission", reporters swarmed the nocturnal Shinra Building in the wake of the Mako Reactor 5 bombing looking for information, but Damon who was among them was brushed aside and ignored. Confusing Yuffie Kisaragi as a Shinra employee, he tried to interview her, much to her confusion.

After the Sector 7 plate fell, during "In Search of Hope, Damon enthusiastically greeted Cloud and introduced himself to Barret and Tifa as a journalist for the Daily Buzz. Barret criticized their printings for being filled with Shinra "fluff pieces"; Damon somewhat agreed, but defended his company's close relationship with Shinra.[2]

Damon informed them that the "Angel of the Slums" had stolen the key to Don Corneo's secret fortune vault and encouraged them to return to her hideout and retrieve the key, commencing "Corneo's Secret Stash". Cloud reminded Damon of the note's death threat, but he deemed it a "silver lining" and that the idea of him being targeted would be the story itself. Damon promised Cloud that the contents of Corneo's stash were his to keep, and that he merely required knowledge, specifically the identity of the "Angel of the Slums". When spoken to again, Damon mentioned that his desire "transcended professionalism" and could be love.[2]



Damon is a middle-aged man with an average build. He has fair skin, short black hair, a full beard, and blue eyes. He wears a burgundy cap, black-rimmed glasses, a dark gray suit over a white dress shirt with a gray striped tie, dark gray dress pants, and black dress shoes. He also wears blue Shinra-logo press band.


Damon is a self-important, persistent, duplicitous, and cowardly reporter. He thinks himself humble, but avoids any dangerous leads, asking others to go in his stead, and refuses to pay Cloud despite promising to. He is passionate and takes pride in his job, bent on uncovering the truth about the mysterious vigilante known as the "Angel of the Slums".[1] He values the close relationship between the Daily Buzz and Shinra, coming to the defense of their biased publications when called out. Damon seeks no monetary gain from his work, instead satisfied by acquiring knowledge and learning the identity of the "Angel of the Slums".[2]


Damon is a quest giver found in the Sector 5 slums during Chapter 8, "Budding Bodyguard" and Chapter 14, "In Search of Hope". He gives a series of odd jobs associated with the "Angel of the Slums".

To receive the first job, "The Angel of the Slums", Cloud and Aerith must have "Kids on Patrol" completed in Chapter 8. Oates suggests they speak to Damon, who seeks to uncover the identify of the "Angel of the Slums" for one of his stories. After Mireille at the community center informs them, he sends Cloud and Aerith to Lookout Point for more answers, and he pair encounter a Chromogger there. The completion of this quest gives affection points to Aerith.

The second odd job, "Corneo's Secret Stash" is given to Cloud, Tifa, and Barret in Chapter 14 as they are looking for a way to get topside. Damon asks them to investigate the "Angel of the Slums", who stole a key to Don Corneo's fortune.