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Damielliot is a non-player character from the Final Fantasy XIV. He originally appeared during the Ul'dah main story and in alchemist questline in original Final Fantasy XIV. In Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, Damielliot was reintroduced as a recurring character in seasonal events.

Damielliot is the son of the former owner of Frondale's Phrontistery, the late Syndicate member Eolande Quiveron, and the former guildmaster of the Alchemists' Guild, Faustigeant.

Following the Seventh Umbral Calamity, Damielliot began to act as both director and registrar of the Phrontistery, particularly Frondale's Ward for Friendless Foundlings, or simply the Children's Ward, and acted as caretaker of the ill and convalescing children within, alongside his colleague and former caretaker S'lyhhia. Damielliot himself still studied alchemy, learning directly under Severian Lyctor, the current guildmaster of the guild.


Final Fantasy XIV (version 1.0)[]

Damielliot in version 1.0.

In a echo vision, the adventurer finds Ascilia mourning the death of her father, Warburton. While Corguevais tries to comfort her, Faustigeant arrives in the room and insensibly tells them to get rid of the body quickly and free the room for another patient. Damielliot comforts Ascilia and says that the cost of not burying a deceased is much greater than the cost of burying him and that those who have not returned properly to the planet are condemned to spend eternity wandering through the wilderness.[1] On another visit to Frondale's Phrontistery, the adventurer is greeted by Damielliot who informs the adventurer of F'lhaminn's wounds but leaves the scene shortly thereafter because he himself is sick.[2]

In the past ten years, Damielliot suffered from a mysterious sleeping sickness, sometimes unable to wake up for days at a time. Faustigeant went on to focus the guild's efforts on treating Damielliot. In the present the adventurer is finds Damielliot lying in the corridor and immediately his nurse, S'lyhhia, moves to help him. When the adventurer joins the Alchemists' Guild, Damielliot seems to react to Echo's presence; he wakes up briefly saying he feels a power and recognizes the adventurer from a decade ago.[3]

In one of his waking moments, Damielliot told the tale of "The Boy and the Dragon Gay" to some children but never finished telling it due to falling asleep in the middle of the tale.[4] After providing Damielliot with the last medicine and telling the children the end of the tale, the adventurer has a new echo vision. This time he finds Damielliot in the same condition as the boy in the tale; after falling from a ravine and wounding in the mountains of Coerthas. The adventurer helps him and the vision immediately ends and Damielliot awakens from his sleep.[5]

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

Sometime after the Calamity, Damielliot began acting as registrar and director for Frondale's Ward for Friendless Foundlings.

Starlight Celebration 2016[]

"Starlight Celebration" 2016 artwork.

One year, during Starlight Celebration, the adventurer, at the behest of Amh Garanjy, delivered a missing parcel containing Starlight gifts to Damielliot at the Children's Ward, after recovering it from the youngling Reauverre who had assumed it belonged to one of the caretakers there and had misplaced it to cause mischief. At this fortuitous encounter, Damielliot requested the adventurer help deliver presents to the children as one of the Saint of Nymeia's "little helpers", presenting them with Starlight Robes to fit the part.

Once the adventurer had delivered all the presents, Damielliot once again requested their help, this time to locate Reauverre. The boy, Damielliot summarised, was timid and could fall into harm if left alone. Once returned, Damielliot kindly admonished the boy, stating that they were worried for him, which caused an outburst out of Reauverre who claimed no one cared about him and his death wouldn't be mourned. Damielliot was struck by his words, though confided with the adventurer that the boy was not in any immediate danger of perishing, having already received treatment.

Still concerned, particularly because he believed that for treatment to be the most effective the patient must be receptive to it, Damielliot once again sought the aid of the adventurer, this time in finding out why Reauverre had become sullen. After finding out Reauverre had given up due to his father's broken promise of being home for Starlight, Damielliot resolved to find the boy's father and convince him to stay, using his late mother's Syndicate ties to speak with lord Lolorito Nanarito to inquire about the man and his whereabouts.

Damielliot entrusted the adventurer to intercept the man, who was staying in Limsa Lominsa in anticipation to an upcoming trip overseas to Radz-at-Han, as he himself could not leave the children without care. Upon the adventurer's return, Damielliot was disappointed to see that they returned alone without Reauverre's father, but upon learning that the man set of to Radz-at-Han to obtain a rare herb that would work as a cure for his child's ills, he bid the adventurer pass on the gift that the father entrusted with them.

Once the adventurer passed along to Reauverre his father's gift, Reauverre initially rejected it as all he wanted was his father with him, but Damielliot explained the situation to the young boy, and pleaded with him to cooperate with them to treat his illness to which Reauverre agreed wholeheartedly. Once in private, Damielliot scarcely began to thank the adventurer when Severian arrived to berate him for running around and abandoning his post as director of the Ward.

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Damielliot is a Wildwood Elezen of around 100 ilms of height, with pale skin with freckles on his face and dark hair described sometimes as "raven-haired". He wears a Linen Robe dyed Snow White, Inspector's Eyeglasses dyed Soot Black and Alchemist's Thighboots.


Damielliot is passionate about the well-being of the children he is tasked with caring for, going above and beyond what would be considered his job and expressing frustration at their ills. Despite this, he still finds himself unsure of his worth in his position as Director of the Phrontistery, believing he merely inherited it from his parents, rather than actually earned it.



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