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Dali is a small village in Final Fantasy IX near the geographical center of the Mist Continent, in the world of Gaia. It is located in the territory of Alexandria, near South Gate and above the Mist. The village has a large windmill within the village, and an Observatory Mountain nearby.


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Dali was primarily a farming community, but after Queen Brahne began manufacturing black mages, the villagers abandoned farming in favor of the more profitable black mage production. The children and elders are responsible for running the town and keeping the secret.

The streets of Dali.

Zidane, Steiner, Garnet, and Vivi arrive in Dali to rest and find a way to travel to Lindblum. They stay the night at the inn, but the innkeeper notices Vivi, and how he is similar in appearance to the black mages being produced in the village's secret underground factory.

The next day, Garnet and Vivi explore the town, and Steiner tries to find a way to get back to Alexandria. Garnet tries to blend in with the villagers as a commoner, going by the nickname "Dagger". Vivi becomes fascinated with the windmill, but a villager grabs him, thinking he has escaped from the factory. Zidane returns to the inn after looking around the village. When Vivi does not return, Zidane and Garnet go out to look for him. They hear him crying, and find a secret entrance to a base below the windmill. Garnet notices a symbol, which she saw in Alexandria Castle on a crate, and becomes suspicious. They find Vivi kidnapped and rescue him, and discover machines producing black mages, distressing Vivi.

Villagers working on the farm.

Zidane, Vivi and Garnet sneak into a crate so they would not be seen and are almost accidentally loaded onto the cargo ship. Steiner scares off the villagers and halts them from loading the ship. The four are attacked by Black Waltz 2, and after defeating him, the group boards the airship, Steiner hoping to return to Alexandria while Zidane plans to divert the airship to Lindblum.

If the party returns to Dali later, they will find the people working in the farms again.

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Village Road.

Dali is a small village and most areas can be accessed from the Village Road. Underneath the village is a factory, a linear cavern system, which can be entered once from the inside of the Windmill as part of the story.

Dali features two exits to the world map, one from the Village Road and the other from the Field. The player cannot to exit to the world map on their first visit until Garnet rejoins the party.

Village Road[]

The Village Road is Dali's main area and is the central location for the other areas of the village. It it one of the areas that leads out onto the world map and the area where the player will arrive at when entering.

The road starts south of the screen. The first area on the left leads into the Weapon Shop. Next on the left is an entrance to the Mayor's House, and at the top-left is the entrance to the Windmill. In the south-right is the entrance to the Inn, while the north-right leads to the Field. At the top of the screen is the entrance to the Pub.

The Village Road has a number of other features: near the back area of the inn is a small pond; a path over the pond leads to the window facing the inn's room. The player can listen and peer into from the outside.

Beside the weapon shop (left of its door) the player can find 120 Gil. Next to this area is a wheel that can be inspected, and Zidane will comment on how it is big enough to be used for an airship engine, and questions its pertinence on a farm. In the center of the town is a well.

Upon first arrival the player is taken to the Village Road, perceived at a different angle from the norm. A scene takes place here, and the game takes the player into the Inn. After the events of the inn, the player can view an Active Time Event, Vivi, Confused. The Active Time Event shows the children of Dali reacting fearfully to him. Regardless of whether this was watched, the player can find Vivi in the north of the town by a wall. Moving toward him will start a scene (taking place on the beside the windmill) where Vivi hears chocobo noises.

After Zidane exits the scene, Vivi is taken away by a worker. The same area is revisited later by Zidane and Garnet when searching for Vivi when they hear his cries through a hole leading to the underground. After this scene, Zidane can interact with the hole to talk to Vivi.


Reception area of the Inn.

The inn is entered from the Village Road. It is split into two areas—the reception area and the guest room. Innkeeper Hal is one of the few adults who work and stay in the village. He is often found sleeping at his desk and the player cannot rest at the inn during the Dali events due to this. The innkeeper does not appear here when the player can return to Dali later in the game. Instead, he is replaced by Snot-nosed Gudo, his son, found in the rooms where he will charge 100 Gil to rest.

Reception area

This is the entrance to the inn. The door at the top of the screen leads to the rooms, while the door in the bottom-left exits back out onto the Village Road.

This area has a moogle named Gumo standing in the top-left. As part of the Mognet sidequest, if Zidane received a letter from Mois in the Ice Cavern, he can give it to Gumo.

A cat in this area sits on the heater. There are two Active Time Events that take place in this room—Cat's Eye and Cat's Eye 2—that show the innkeeper planning to have Vivi "returned" to the factory to please his brother, Mayor Kapu. In these scenes, the cat starts on the heater and walks over the desk. This correlates to the two locations of items in the Mayor's House, which are only accessible later in the game.

In the bottom-right area is an indicator showing a message on the table:

* Dali Inn's Breakfast Service! *

A delicious breakfast for 20 Gil!

-Cold water, fresh from the well
-Fresh scrambled eggs
-Vegetables, fresh from the farm

  This is a sample menu.  

The first time the party rests at the inn, Zidane wakes the innkeeper who looks up and stares at Vivi. Zidane scolds him thinking he is staring at Garnet, which the innkeeper denies, before allowing the party to use the room. After the events of Dali, the player can choose to either board the cargo ship or return to rest. If the player rests, then upon returning to the inn, the scene will play out again almost identically.


Rooms of the Inn.

The room where the party rests has one exit towards the bottom, back out to the reception area. While the reception area can be accessed only from that entrance, Zidane can "view the room" from the village road by looking through the window. This allows Zidane to see who is in the room, such as when Garnet spends time here later on. From this perspective, it is seen at a different angle (the same angle used in an event when the player first enters) and shows off the location of one of the chests more clearly.

The well hidden chest in the bottom-left behind a plant contains a Potion. In the bottom-right the more clearly visible chest contains an Antidote.

In the top-right the player can inspect a bookshelf:

Dali Inn Library
* For your reading pleasure *
How to Save One Million Gil
Earn Money the Easy Way
Makin' Crazy Money! Vol. 2

Zidane comments, "These books suck". The book titles allude to the innkeeper's desperate desire to make money, which is mentioned in the Active Time Events.

On the left-hand side is a question-mark indicator about Color Fortunes. Zidane comments on how it was a fad in Lindblum a few years ago. The player can spend 10 Gil per "Divination". This is a reference to Cait Sith's faulty fortunes in Final Fantasy VII. Another reference to previous Final Fantasy games is the position of the beds, which mirrors the inn layout from Nintendo era Final Fantasy games.

When the party first enters the room, a scene plays out, and Zidane awakens the next morning as the sole party member.

Weapon Shop[]

Wpn. Shop

The Weapon Shop, known as Wpn. Shop in the menu, is the place for a minor storyline event. The player can buy weapons and armor from Shopkeeper Eve's shop. The shop is entered from the Village Road and the aforementioned place is exited out onto through the exit to the right of the screen.

This shop is the player's first accessible weapon shop and there is information that can be read from an indicator found at the bottom of the screen. It also gives information about playing cards, relevant as Shopkeeper Eve is the only person who plays Tetra Master in Dali.

Depending on the conversation choice Dagger picks during the "Dagger tries harder" ATE, later in the game when the player goes to Treno controlling Dagger and has an option of stopping by Dali, the shopkeeper Eve's reaction to Dagger may become more friendly. To get the friendlier reaction the player must ask Eve to show her wares.

- Useful Information -

Think before equipping your new weapon
and armor!
Check to see if you are about to
learn a new ability.

It's up to you whether you equip the
new item right away or wait until
you've learned the abilities, but if
you are short of money, please remember
that we also buy items!
- Product Information -

Press Select to see detailed
information on our products.

For example, you'll see that our famous
Mage Masher has an
added silence effect.

You need an 'Add Status' ability to
use added status effects.
- Hobby Info -

Do you play cards?

My theory is that the first number
written on the card represents the
card's attack power.
The third and fourth numbers are
probably defense power. I still don't
know what the second character means.
 Please press Square to play a game with me.
by Eve Subboard

The Weapon Shop is the location of the Active Time Event, Dagger Tries Harder where Garnet listens in on a discussion between two characters to try to pick up on mannerisms to hide the way she speaks.



The pub is tended by a young girl, Dutiful Daughter Slai. The location does not act as a pub until late at night when adults return to the village. Until then, it is used as Dutiful Daughter Slai's medicine shop. If the player attempts to move the character behind the bar, the tender will tell them they are not allowed.

Zidane will ask Slai if Garnet entered if he does not request the medicine and has not yet found her. Doing the same again will have Zidane question the field patterns outside Dali, but she responds she is busy, and when Zidane offers to help, the tender wonders whether it was a trend because another man was helping her. This is later revealed to be Steiner in a forced Active Time Event, Queen Brahne's Steiner.

A menu on the left side of the bar:

* Menu *
1. Pickles: 8 Gil
2. Vegetables stir-fry: Out of stock
3. Pumpkin salad: Out of stock
4. Dried potatoes: 4 Gil
5. Kebabs: 10 Gil
6. Lindblum pickles: 9 Gil
Cash only
* We sell medicine

A menu on the right side of the bar:

* Menu *
1. Black ale: 5 Gil
2. White ale: 8 Gil
3. Red wine: 7 Gil
4. White wine: 9 Gil
5. Water: 1 Gil
6. Gysahl liqueur: 11 Gil
No underage drinking allowed!
Cash only

* We sell medicine



The Field can be entered from the Village Road, and the exit in the bottom-right of the Field will lead back to it. The exit on the right leads onto the world map at most points in the game. When Zidane first visits he cannot leave until Garnet joins the party. If the player chooses to rest at the inn and not go on the cargo ship immediately, the player will be taken to this gate. Exiting through the gate at this point leads back to the cargo ship loading area.

The chest here contains an Elixir, but it is only accessible at one opportunity on disc 2. A woman blocks access to the chest at all other times. The opportunity to open it is when controlling Dagger after defeating Black Waltz 3: instead of heading to Treno, the player must visit Dali, and the old woman is in a different position. The player can talk to her and she asks if Garnet thinks Queen Brahne's changes are too drastic.

The Active Time Event, Dagger Tries, takes place here.


Windmill 1F.

The Windmill is a structure in the top-right of the town. It can be entered from the Village Road or through the Mayor's House, which is structurally linked to the Windmill. The Windmill harbors the entrance to the underground factory where the adults of Dali work.

Windmill 1F

The Windmill 1F is the area first entered inside the windmill. It leads back out into the Village Road via the exit in the bottom-right, and to the Mayor's House via the exit at the bottom.

There is an exit to another area through a door in the top-right. This door opens with the Mayor's Key. The entrance to Dali's Underground is found here via a liftable lid. When the player is first here, a man named Yaff guards the entrance. Later when Dagger is in the party, Yaff will not be there, and the player can enter. After the events underground, the party will opt not to venture in again, and later in the game when the factory has been closed down, it will be sealed shut.

The player can climb the ladder on the left to get to Windmill 2F.

The player can find the Aries item behind the rotor for the Stellazzio quest.

If the player has obtained the Mayor's Key item they can exit through the door in the top-right to explore the area beside the windmill.

Windmill 2F

Windmill 2F.

The second floor is reached from the the ladder in Windmill 1F. There are two chests found here, however, on the first visit neither are accessible due to the turning windmill. The uppermost chest contains a Cachusha add-on, while the other chest contains an Elixir. The windmill stops turning after the party returns to the Mist Continent from the Outer Continent, but restarts after the event where the player passes through the Shimmering Island portal, so the player must loot the chests during that time frame.

Beside the Windmill

Beside the Windmill.

There is a small area beside the Windmill. A wall separates the two sides. On the bottom-side of the wall is the area found also in the Village Road and where the Vivi events take place on the first visit to Dali. This side of the wall is used only in events.

Later in the game the player can get to the other side of the wall by entering through the door on Windmill 1F. On the right hand side is a chest containing 30,000 Gil. If the player makes contact with this chest again they can look underneath it to find the Burman Coffee for Morrid.

A chocobo is found in this area. The exit on the left leads back to Windmill 1F.

Mayor's House[]

Mayor's House.

The Mayor's House can be entered from two locations. The Village Road leads in from the bottom-right exit, and the Windmill leads here from the top exit.

On the player's first visit to Dali they can enter Mayor's House but the mayor tells them to leave. When Dagger joins the party, the player can go in once for an extended scene, but is then not allowed to reenter until later in the game.

If the player returns here during the card competition in Treno on disc 3, they can enter while the mayor is not in; however, the child still is. The player is given a list of four locations: the desk, ladder, heater, or shelf. On the first inspection, none of the locations yield any item, except the desk, which contains the Mini-Brahne key item. Checking a location either brings the child closer to waking, or puts him deeper into sleep. When the child says zzz, he is fast asleep, and the player can check the heater, where the Mayor's Key is. The player can simply check the desk repeatedly until the child falls into deep sleep. Too many tries wakes the child regardless of where the player is checking. Once Zidane has completed the card tournament in Treno, this key is no longer accessible. The Mini-Brahne key item, however, can still be found, though it will have changed location, being now found at the top of the ladder.

The key gives the player access to the area behind the Windmill.

Cargo Ship Loading Area[]

Loading area for the cargo ship.

The cargo ship loading area is where the cargo ship lands in the fields of Dali. The packaging room of the production area should lead here, however, in the game such a transition never takes places, and instead the game makes the player take control of Steiner at this point.

This area includes numerous field screens. When the player exits Observatory Mountain with Steiner as party leader on disc 1, they are not taken to the world map as the usual circumstance would be, but are taken to a field with the cargo ship in view where he meets Zidane, Vivi and Dagger. After the next event, Black Waltz 2 is fought by the four, and afterward the player is given the option to rest at the inn or board the cargo ship. Boarding the ship will take them onto the Cargo Ship while resting at the inn will take the player to the Field (from the exit that would usually lead to the world map). The player can roam the town, and they return to the cargo ship via the Field, which will take them back to this area and immediately start the scene where the party boards the ship.

Dali's Underground[]


Dali's Underground (ダリの地下, Dari no Chika?) is a system beneath the village entered from a hidden passage covered by a lid in the Windmill. Queen Brahne ordered that Dali become a factory for creating black mages, which are delivered to Alexandria Castle by cargo ship. Most of the adults in the town work in this factory.

The factory is visited once. After the player exits at the end, the player character will never agree to go down here again. Later the entrance to the factory is sealed when Dali returns to being a farming town.


The entrance connects to the Windmill 1F via a ladder in the top-left of the screen. The area has two levels which are traversed between by a lift. The path on the right-hand side leads to the Production Area.

There is a chest by the lift containing 156 Gil.

Underground (1)[]


The first Underground area appears to be the entrance to the factory and possibly an office or staff room. The exit at the bottom leads back to the Entrance, while the exit at the top leads to the Storage Area.

Inside the hut is a chest containing a Potion. Across from the hut, slightly obscured by the fence, is a chest containing Eye Drops.

When the player first enters here they find two workers discussing Vivi with Vivi in the room. The player is taken back into the Entrance area briefly as part of the scene. Garnet has seen the logo on a barrel here in the area in Alexandria Castle. When the player is in control they can inspect the barrel.

Storage Area[]

Pathway in Storage Area.

The Storage Area is where the containers are stored. The player first enters into the Path.


The path is a small room with containers. The exit at the bottom of the screen leads to the first Underground area, while the exit at the top leads to an open room of the Storage Area.

A barrel on the left of the path contains a moogle named Kumop. As part of the Mognet sidequest the player can pick up a letter from Kumop and give to Mogki in Lindblum.

Behind the barrel the player can jump on a crate, which will allow them to jump on to another crate where a chest containing an Ether item is.

By the north exit there is a wheel pulley-system. If Zidane inspects it they can kick it to drop a chest previously suspended above and out of reach. This chest contains a Potion.

The player can inspect a container and Zidane will comment its shape resembles a coffin.

Open Room

Open part of Storage Area.

The open room is a large storage site with many crates. Despite the area being open there is still a path down the middle. The exit in the bottom-left side leads to the Storage Area path while the exit in the top-right leads to the Production Area.

On the right of the central path is a chest containing a Leather Wrist armor. If the player climbs on the crates on the left of the path (from either end) they can reach a chest containing the Iron Helm.

Production Area[]

The beginning of the Production Area.

The production area are areas pertaining to the creation of black mages.

First Room

The exit on the left leads to the open room of the Storage Area. The exit across the bridge on the right leads to the conveyor belt area. The door at the top of the screen can be inspected. There is Mist coming from under the door and the player can open it to battle two Ghost enemies, which gains access to an underground area.

When the player first enters this area a scene will play out where the player releases Vivi from a box. He then joins the party.

A chest by the door at the top of the screen contains 95 gil.

The player can inspect two coffins, one in the bottom left below the exit and one on the bottom-right down a small set of stairs. They contain nothing.

Conveyor Belt

Exclusively conveyor belt section of Production Area.

The conveyor belt shows the production process continue into another machine. The exit at the bottom-left leads to the first room of the production area, while the exit on the top of the screen leads to the packaging room. The split in the path goes right, leading to something that resembles a boiler. The player cannot inspect this.

The player can inspect the machine and Zidane will say it is powered by a chocobo running on a wheel (a Gysahl Green is held on a stick in front of it). This can only be inspected once. The player can also inspect the machine at the north-end where Zidane comments how it looks like the Mist engine of the M.S. Prima Vista. This can also be inspected only once.

When the player first tries to move to the next area a scene plays where Zidane tries to peer into the machine.

Packaging Room

Packaging room in Production Area.

The packaging room is a small area where the party discovers the machine was producing black mages. Although the party do not know what they are at this time, they understand they resemble Vivi.

To hide from the workers the party go inside a box, which is put in a barrel and taken to the cargo ship loading area. The player now takes control of Steiner at Observatory Mountain.

This area is not explorable by the party.

Underground (2)[]


The second Underground area is an area full of Mist. A single exit at the bottom of the screen leads back into the first room of the Production Area.

Where the player first stands when entering the room is a spot that allows the inspection of the machine. Zidane comments it sends Mist to the machine in the previous room.

A chest to the left of this spot contains a Phoenix Down. On the right-side of the screen a chest slightly obscured by the machine contains a Potion. To the right, completely hidden behind the machine, is a chest containing a Phoenix Pinion.


Village events[]

Vivi seeing the windmill.

When the player first enters the village, the party splits up at the inn. The player controls Zidane. To advance the story, the player must return Garnet to the inn and engage in the scene with Vivi. To do the former, the player must have watched the Dagger Tries Harder Active Time Event and then visit her at the weapon shop. Vivi, meanwhile, is standing to the north of the town.

To trigger the Dagger Tries Harder scene the player must terminate the Dagger Tries Active Time Event and then check in on the inn in one of two ways. The player can terminate the Dagger Tries event either by watching it or visiting the Field (where the Dagger Tries event takes place). Since terminating it, the player must have zoned in or out of areas a number of times before the Dagger Tries Harder event can become available. The event can only happen in the reception area of the Inn or by peering through the window of the Inn from the Village Road. After watching the Active Time Event, the player can find Garnet in the Weapon Shop, and talking with her there returns her to the Inn.

The quickest way to complete the village events is to either exit the Inn, go to the Field, return to Village Road and watch the Vivi scene, then zone in, out, and in of the Inn to get the Dagger Tries Harder event and watch it, or after watching the Vivi scene instead going through to the bed area of the Inn and then back into the reception to receive the event. After watching the event, the player can then run across into the weapon shop, watch the scene with Garnet, then return to the rooms of the Inn and watch the next scene, and then head into town to watch the next scene, and then into the windmill to find the entrance to the underground.


Gumo in the inn.

Dali features two moogles, Gumo who resides in the Inn and Kumop who resides in the one-time visit Storage Area beneath Dali. Both are involved in the sidequest.

If the player earlier received the Trapped In Ice! letter, they can give it to Gumo. In the factory beneath Dali the player can pick up a letter from Kumop, the Stiltzkin Visited Me! addressed for Mogki in the Guest Room of Lindblum.

Active Time Events[]

There are six Active Time Events available to watch in Dali. One always starts as part of the story, while another must be acquired and watched for game progression. The other four are optional, and offer no special benefits gameplay-wise.

Dagger Tries and Vivi, Confused are available after resting in the Inn. The player can only view one at this point, but moving into the next room of the inn makes the other available. Vivi, Confused becomes unavailable when exiting the Inn, while Dagger Tries becomes unavailable by visiting the Field.

Cat concept art.

The Cat's Eye ATE appears when the player gets to the Village Road after exiting the Inn. The player cannot watch the ATE while in the Inn. The scene alludes to the locations of the key items found in the Mayor's House later as the cat sits on the heater and the desk, the locations for the key items.

The Cat's Eye 2 ATE appears after watching the Vivi scene in the Village Road.

The Dagger Tries Harder ATE appears after dismissing the Dagger Tries ATE and then exploring the village. After a while the ATE will become available, but not if the player is in the Weapon Shop or the Village Road. The player must view this Active Time Event for Dagger to be found in the Weapon Shop, which is necessary for continuing the story.

The Queen Brahne's Steiner ATE is watched automatically after Dagger and Zidane reunite at the Inn.

Tetra Master[]

Only one person in Dali plays Tetra Master: the Weapon Shop's owner, Shopkeeper Eve. There is a note in the shop that gives advice on weapons, armor, abilities, and also some information about Tetra Master cards.

ShopkeeperEve-ffix.png Shopkeeper Eve
Location Dali/Wpn. Shop
Cards Goblin, Flan, Zaghnol, Lizard Man, Zombie, Yeti, Zuu, Cactuar, Stroper

Friendly monsters[]

The Mu enemy can be encountered on the grass areas of the Nolrich Heights if it has not already been defeated.

Blu Mag[]

On the first visit to this area, Quina is not available. If the party returns here later, the player can eat a number of enemies in Nolrich Heights. The Python for the Pumpkin Head ability, and the Carve Spider for the LV3 Def-Less ability.

Color fortunes[]

The player can "play" Color Fortunes in the rooms of the Inn for 10 Gil per turn. Each time one of five "omens" will display, followed by the player's lucky color (randomized each play) followed by an advertisement for a shop in Lindblum.

Good Omen
— — — — —
Today will be filled
with deja vu.

You will see familiar
sights and eat foods that
you tasted long ago.
You may find a long-lost friend.

Take a moment to recall
good memories.
Good Omen
— — — — —
A good day filled with
many of life's simple pleasures.

A nice breeze will greet you
as you step out.
You will make new friends
and replace a lost item with a new one.

Be yourself and let good fortune come to you.
Very Good Omen
— — — — —
An auspicious day for you
to go out and have fun!

You'll find lost money
and lost items.
You'll also eat lots of yummy
food, and meet interesting people.

Go out and share your luck with the ones you love!
Bad Omen
— — — — —
There are good days, and
there are bad days.

You may be prone to injury
and sickness today.
Be careful of losing items and
meeting strangers.

You are better off staying home today.
Good Omen
— — — — —
A nice day to relax and
put your mind at ease.

Lost things will be
returned to you, and
you will eat foods that are
gentle to your body.

A good day to spend
indoors or out!
Your lucky color for
today is "{color}"!

Each time Color Fortunes is played the game randomizes the color of red, white, blue, green, or yellow.

Want to buy a gem in your lucky color?
We have all colors!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Come visit our store in Lindblum's
Theater District! We're located near
the air cab terminal. Look for the
big clock!

Receiving a Very Good Omen from a color fortune yields the Your Lucky Day achievement/trophy in the latest versions of Final Fantasy IX.

Morrid's coffee[]

Burman Coffee.

One of the three varieties of coffee beans is located in Dali; after finding the Mayor's Key (see above) it is possible to open a locked room in the windmill where the player can find the Burman Coffee.



Found at Weapon Shop owned by Shopkeeper Eve. The shop sells both weapons and armor despite the name.

Item Price
Dagger 320
Mage Masher 500
Broadsword 330
Iron Sword 660
Rod 260
Mage Staff 320
Wrist 130
Leather Wrist 200
Bronze Gloves 480
Leather Hat 150
Feather Hat 200
Rubber Helm 250
Bronze Helm 330
Leather Shirt 270
Silk Shirt 400
Bronze Armor 650


Pub owned by Dutiful Daughter Slai. It sells basic recovery items.

Item Price
Potion 50
Phoenix Down 150
Antidote 50
Eye Drops 50
Tent 800


Item Location
120 Gil Village Road
Potion Inn / Rooms
Antidote Inn / Rooms
Elixir Field. Only on disc 2.
Aries Windmill / Windmill 1F
Cachusha Windmill / Windmill 2F. Only on disc 3.
Elixir Windmill / Windmill 2F. Only on disc 3.
30000 Gil Windmill / Beside the Windmill
Burman Coffee Windmill / Beside the Windmill
Mini-Brahne Mayor's House. From disc 3 on.
Mayor's Key Mayor's House. Only on disc 3 during card competition in Treno.
156 Gil Dali Underground / Entrance
Potion Dali Underground / Underground (1)
Eye Drops Dali Underground / Underground (1)
Ether Dali Underground / Storage Area / Path
Potion Dali Underground / Storage Area / Path
Leather Wrist Dali Underground / Storage Area / Open Room
Iron Helm Dali Underground / Storage Area / Open Room
95 Gil Dali Underground / Production Area / First Room
Phoenix Down Dali Underground / Underground (2)
Potion Dali Underground / Underground (2)
Phoenix Pinion Dali Underground / Underground (2)


Dali's Underground[]

Battle background.

Enemies appear in Dali's Underground if the door to the second Underground area is opened from the first room of the Production Area. The enemies can be fought in that area, all areas thereafter, and also in the open room of the Storage Area. When the player first attempts to open the door to the second Underground area, a pair of Ghost enemies are fought in a fixed encounter.

Screen Encounter Rate
Enemies Frequency AP

After opening the underground door

Ghost x2 12.5% 1
Ghost x3 12.5% 2
Vice 30% 1
Vice x2 45% 2

After opening the underground door

Ghost x2 37.5% 1
Ghost x3 37.5% 2
Vice 10% 1
Vice x2 15% 2

Opening the door:

Ghost x2 50% 1
Ghost x3 50% 2
Ghost x2 50% 1
Ghost x3 50% 2

After opening the underground door

Ghost x2 12.5% 1
Ghost x3 12.5% 2
Vice 18.75% 1
Vice x2 56.25% 2

Cargo Ship Loading Area[]

Battle background.

The Black Waltz 2 is fought as part of the events at the cargo ship loading area before the party boards the cargo ship. The battle takes place after Steiner rejoins with the rest of the party.

World map[]

Friendly Mu from FFIX.png

The map around Dali and the Observatory Post consists of Nolrich Heights and Byan Heights. The friendly Mu appears here as part of the friendly monsters sidequest in the grass and forest areas, and requests an Ore. Once satisfied, he will never appear again. Ragtime Mouse may appear in forests.

Enemies Frequency AP
Mountain Disc 1–2: (After Friendly)
Python x3 23.75% (25%) 2
Carve Spider 19% (20%) 1
Carve Spider x2 19% (20%) 1
Carve Spider, Python 33.25% (35%) 1
Friendly Mu 5% (0%) 10
Disc 3: (After Friendly)
Python x3 35% (40%) 2
Carve Spider 26.25% (30%) 1
Carve Spider x2 26.25% (30%) 1
Friendly Mu 12.5% (0%) 10
Disc 4: (After Friendly)
Python x3 6.25% (12.5%) 2
Carve Spider 5% (10%) 1
Carve Spider x2 5% (10%) 1
Carve Spider, Python 8.75% (17.5%) 1
Dracozombie 25% 3
Mu x2 12.5% 1
Mu x3 12.5% 2
Friendly Mu 25% (0%) 10
Forest Disc 1–3: (After Friendly)
Python x3 35% (40%) 2
Carve Spider 26.25% (30%) 1
Carve Spider x2 26.25% (30%) 1
Friendly Mu 12.5% (0%) 10
Disc 4:
Python x3 20% 2
Carve Spider 15% 1
Carve Spider x2 15% 1
Worm Hydra 50% 3

Musical themes[]

The music in Dali is called "Frontier Village Dali" (辺境の村 ダリ, Henkyō no Mura Dari?) A piano arrangement is found on the Piano Collections: Final Fantasy IX album.

"Beyond the Twilight" (黄昏の彼方に, Tasogare no Kanata ni?) plays in Dali's Underground.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

FFRK Village of Dali FFIX.png

After escaping pursuit and passing along the slippery paths of the Ice Cavern, Garnet takes the name Dagger to conceal her identity. The party arrives in the small village of Dali.

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Behind the scenes[]

Mary and Jeff in Dali.

The game details a strained romance between Part Time Worker Mary, owner of the Vega Shop in northern station of South Gate, and Jobless Jeff, operator of the Altair Shop in the southern station, which mirrors the real-life Tanabata legend. In the endgame, the two are found at the item shop in Dali.

If the player visits Dali later in the game (after they have returned from the Outer Continent) the mother and daughter at the shop mention they want to take a trip and ask Zidane to watch over the shop. The player can answer yes or no, either choice yields the same result with different dialogue. In the endgame, the mother and daughter are absent, having left a note that they are on a trip and do not wish to be found. The shop is now operated by Part time Mary and Jeff, who needed a place to work after leaving South Gate.