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This Mirage's quickness and "Gilfinder" ability make it ideal for Keepers on a budget. Yojimbo may be one such individual, as the hound is constantly by his side. A ronin is an unemployed samurai, after all.

Daigoro is an enemy in World of Final Fantasy Maxima.


Base stats[]

Mirage Board spaces[]

Active Ability SP Required
Haste 4
Gnaw 4
Focus 4
Passive Ability SP Required
Gilfinder 3
Stat Boosts
Stat SP Required
Strength+ 3
Agility+ 3
Evasion+ 3
Miscellaneous Spaces
Support Ability SP Required
Stroll 1
Blank Space SP Required
Blank Space 2
Prism SP Required
Daigoro Prism 1
Transfiguration SP Required
Gamit 1
Miscellaneous Information
SP Total SP
Mirage Board 29
Mirage Board family 97
Level Requirement Level
Fresh (No other transfiguration unlocked) Transf. Unlocked
Mirage Board completion 23 22
Mirage Board family Mastery 71 70

Encounter stats[]

Intervention Quest[]

Hidden Dungeon[]


Location Formation
Intervention Quest - Bloom in the Moonlight Daigoro, Gamit, Yojimbo
Hidden Dungeon - Earth route - Floor 2 Yojimbo Stack (Daigoro, Gamit, Yojimbo)
Hidden Dungeon - Watchplains floor Yojimbo Stack (Daigoro, Gamit, Yojimbo)
Hidden Dungeon - Final route - Floor 2 Yojimbo Stack (Daigoro, Gamit, Yojimbo)

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Dai means "great," and goro means "fifth son" in Japanese.