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I'll win you over, just you see!

Daguza after being defeated a second time

Daguza oen Sus also known as Daguza the Shrewd is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV. He is part of the IVth Imperial Legion and fights against the Bozjan Resistance in the Shadowbringers expansion.


Early Life[]

A beastmaster of considerable notoriety, Daguza commands a motley host of battle-trained creatures as part of the IVth Legion's War Beasts. By all accounts, the Seeq is a generous captain who regularly treats his minions to meat─a practice for cultivating loyalty he retained from his days at the head of his own mercenary company. Going back further still, Daguza was once a robber-knight. In the plainest terms, this refers to a knight who engages in robbery, but the status of knighthood accords a certain dubious privilege: the ability to challenge others to duels, which Daguza used as a pretext to divest people of their belongings.

The scion of a poor-but-noble family, Daguza inherited his knighthood and became the master of his household. Rather than tending to the affairs of his estate, however, he preferred to while away the days drinking and gambling with friends. When his coffers were inevitably spent, he took to robbing merchants who passed through his domain, but ere long his reputation came to precede him and that well of ill-gotten gains ran dry.

It was then, just as Daguza had resigned himself to a mundane and less lucrative calling, that Garlemald launched its invasion of Dalmasca. Sensing an opportunity, the Seeq formed a mercenary company and sold its services to his own kingdom, though he harbored no sense of allegiance towards it. And so, when the initial contract ended, he scandalously offered to fight for whichever side was willing to pay more. “I'm just trying to feed my family,” he declared in justification─said family being the rogues he called his brothers. Yet even as both armies were unimpressed with his unprincipled display, they recognized it was wiser to keep his potentially troublesome band out of the enemy's camp, and thus did the Seeq continue to be gainfully employed.

Following Dalmasca's annexation, Daguza kept up the selfsame antics, selling his company's services to the highest bidder. And as fearsome as he was in battle, he never shied from turning tail when the tide turned against him, remaining ever true to his motto: “Your life is worth more than your name.” As a result, his company members boasted a high survival rate, which, combined with their reasonable successes, brought them a steady stream of work. However, with Emperor Varis's ascension came a tightening of standards surrounding the use of mercenaries, and Daguza suddenly found himself without a contract.

Struggling to feed his company, Daguza was on the verge of disbanding it when salvation arrived in the form of Legatus Noah van Gabranth, whose IVth Legion had more than its fair share of troublemakers. If he could bring order to this unruly lot, he was told, he would be rewarded with rank and riches. He accepted the offer without hesitation and was made a soldier of the legion, yet in his heart of hearts his priority remained unchanged: looking after his own. So long as they have food to fill their bellies, it matters not under whose banner he fights. No, his allegiance is to no nation or army─but never let it be said that he doesn't give his employers their coin's worth.[1]

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

Daguza in Zadnor.

Daguza is one of the main forces who try and stop the Bozjan Resistance from progressing towards Castrum Lacus Litore. He appears just before Olana's Stand with an entourage of beasts at his command. Daguza and his henchmen are defeated here and he retreats further into the southern front at the lake and attempts to convince the Warrior of Light to join his ranks. Once again he is defeated before claiming that he'll be able to win them over.

Daguza retreats with the rest of the IVth Imperial Legion to the plateau of Zadnor. In the northern area Daguza appears with a flock of red chocobo's to aid him in battle. He is once again defeated in and flees.



Daguza is a male Seeq with orangeish brown skin and dark gray eyes, he has ear piercings and wears a small loincloth as clothing.


Daguza is considered a brute in battle and commands a host of beasts, gaining a reputation for being a fearsome beastmaster. He also attempts to persuade strong enemies into joining his ranks, having a keen eye for talent. Daguza seems to have little care for responsibility, spending his days drinking and gambling with his friends. He has a greedy personality, robbing merchants of what they have and is seen as an opportunist when he fought for the garlean empire and his homeland. Although he is greedy and has no allegiance, he cares for his band of mercenaries more than anything.


Daguza's lunge attack.

Daguza is fought on the The Bozjan Southern Front The Bozjan Southern Front in two skirmishes Seeq and Destroy Seeq and Destroy and My Family and Other Animals My Family and Other Animals he commands a host of beasts and uses the "Lunge" ability against players, he will also use the ability Run Wild on one of his beasts, increasing its attack power.

Daguza can be fought in Zadnor Zadnor, appearing in the skirmish Seeq and You Will Find Seeq and You Will Find.


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