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There's an old legend in this region about a dragon god and his divine protection. I think it may be true.


Daguerreo is an optional location in Final Fantasy IX. It is located on an island near the Forgotten Continent, and can only be reached by airship or Choco. A library of sorts, its origins are mysterious and unexplained. Its denizens come from all over the world, ranging from scholars to refugees.

Some of the best weapons and armor in the game can be bought or synthesized here. This may reflect the location's vast collection of esoteric knowledge. Despite its many tomes, Daguerreo's lower levels are flooded.


People to meet[]


The player can find the Engineer Zebolt from Lindblum near the right entrance on the second floor.

Zidane will also encounter a Cleyran survivor, Forest Oracle Kildea. Gilgamesh also resides in Daguerreo, although he will not reveal his name until certain criteria are met.


The Capricorn Stellazzio coin is found on the right of the entrance in Daguerreo.

Young Man and Sales Clerk's debate[]

To the left of Zebolt, the shop's Sales Clerk and a Young Man are having a heated exchange. If the player agrees with the Young Man he will give the party the rare Flare card. On the other hand, the player can stand on the Sales Clerk's side and she will give the party the rare Meteor card.

Leviathan Altar[]

On the third floor's balcony, there is a stone that affects the altar at the entrance: after activating it, the statue in the first floor allows the player to turn Ore into Aquamarine, one for every four Ores.

Opening the weapon shop[]

Levers below the weapon shop.

To open the weapon shop the player must fix the lift to the library's upper levels. Below the Weaponsmith there are three levers and three platforms. To the right there is a staff leaning against the bookshelves.

  1. Lower the left lever until the platform is level with the floor.
  2. Examine the wall behind the lowered platform to find a hole.
  3. Insert the staff that is in front of the bookcase into the hole.
  4. Lower the right lever until the platform is at floor level.
  5. Step on the platform and press X.

Four-Armed Man[]

Gilgamesh met in Daguerreo.

The master treasure hunter, the Four-Armed Man, can be met in Daguerreo. If the player attains the highest Treasure Hunter Rank he is revealed to be Gilgamesh. If the player challenges him to a game of Tetra Master they find he plays with the rare airship cards, and extremely rarely even with the Invincible card, one of the game's most powerful cards. After he's revealed his identity as Gilgamesh he leaves and can no longer be challenged for a game of cards.


Old Man receiving Magical Fingertip.

The Old Man near the inn on the top floor mentions an item called Magical Fingertip, which the player can then win at the Treno Auction House (after buying and selling four other auction key items to the citizens of Tremno) and bring to him in exchange for Excalibur, one of Steiner's best weapons.

Renaming party members[]

Namingway card used in Daguerreo.

A Researcher in the middle level allows the player to rename any of the characters when the player shows him the Namingway card. The ladder to the middle floor is behind the scholar searching for a book. The book is at the stack of books on the right.


After returning from Terra the party can start a quest to restore Mognet Central by talking to Kupo at Alexandria. As part of this chain of letters Mois from the Fossil Roo entrance at Mist Continent Qu's Marsh sends a letter to Noggy at Daguerreo.

It's That Thing

From Mois to Noggy

I think Mognet can go back to standard
operation if we get the right item!

Kupo! If you ask me, I think the item
they're looking for is that thing!

You know what I mean, right?

It's that... thing!

Noggy in response writes to Kupo in Alexandria:


A letter from Noggy to Kupo

I now know what's needed to run the machine In Mognet Central! It's "Superslick"!

I heard a rumor about it!
The rumor said that someone in Alexandria
Has it! That’s what I heard! Kupo!
Find it and send it to Central right away!

This is the final Mognet letter.



Gimme Cat demands a Diamond.

There are no enemy encounters inside Daguerreo, but the world map outside, consisting of Salvage Archipelago, Everlang Island, Lanar Island, Sacrobless Island, and Palmnell Island, has random encounters. Ragtime Mouse may additionally appear inside forests. Though the below chart lists enemies since "disc 1", in a normal playthrough the player can't access the areas until they have at least the Blue Narciss in disc 3.

The trickster Gimme Cat monster appears here, demanding a Diamond reminiscent of the monsters in the friendly monsters sidequest. The player should not appease the cat, as there is nothing to gain and Diamond is a limited quantity good. The Grand Dragons, meanwhile, can be good level grinding targets as they can be instantly defeated with Quina's LV5 Death.

Enemies Frequency AP
Grassland/ Mountain Disc 1-4:
Grand Dragon 75% 3
Gimme Cat 25% 3
Beach Disc 1-4:
Gigan Octopus 50% 3
Whale Zombie 50% 3
Forest Disc 1-4:
Worm Hydra 75% 3
Gimme Cat 25% 3
Marsh Disc 1-4:
Adamantoise 100% 3


Synthesis Expert's Shop[]

Item Price Components
Angel Bless 9,000 Mythril Dagger + Gladius
Sargatanas 12,000 Gladius + Zorlin Shape
Cotton Robe 1,000 Wrist + Steepled Hat
Silk Robe 2,000 Silk Shirt + Bandana
Magician Robe 3,000 Mage Staff + Magician Cloak
Glutton's Robe 6,000 Mythril Fork + Cotton Robe
White Robe 8,000 Gaia Gear + Jade Armlet
Black Robe 8,000 Gaia Gear + N-Kai Armlet
Cachusha 1,000 Magus Hat + Rubber Helmet
Coral Ring 1,200 Lightning Staff + Rod
Magician Shoes 1,500 Germinas Boots + Bone Wrist
Barette 1,800 Needle Fork + Barbut
Power Belt 2,000 Glass Buckle + Chain Mail
Madain's Ring 3,000 Bone Wrist + Stardust Rod
Fairy Earrings 3,200 Magic Armlet + Soft
Extension 3,500 Lamia's Tiara + Multina Racket
Reflect Ring 7,000 Anklet + Madain's Ring
Anklet 4,000 Gold Choker + Peridot
Feather Boots 4,000 Magician Shoes + Phoenix Pinion
Black Belt 4,000 Twist Headband + Survival Vest
Pearl Rouge 6,000 Moonstone + Elixir
Promist Ring 6,000 Chimera Armlet + Ruby
Battle Boots 6,500 Feather Boots + Wing Edge
Rebirth Ring 7,000 Diamond + Anklet
Angel Earrings 8,000 Fairy Earrings + Barette
Garnet 350 Ore + Remedy
Amethyst 200 Ore + Annoyntment
Peridot 100 Ore + Soft
Sapphire 200 Ore + Antidote
Opal 100 Ore + Potion
Topaz 100 Ore + Eye Drops
Thief Gloves 50,000 Mythril Armlet + Sargantanas

Arguing Sales Clerk's Medicine Shop[]

Item Price
Potion 50
Hi-Potion 200
Phoenix Down 150
Echo Screen 50
Soft 150
Antidote 50
Eye Drops 50
Magic Tag 100
Vaccine 100
Remedy 300
Annoyntment 150
Tent 800

Weaponsmith's Shop[]

Musical themes[]

The theme that plays in Daguerreo is called "Daguerreo, the Hermit's Library".



A daguerreotype is a type of early photography, invented by Louis Daguerre.