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Hate bastards that fly.


Daggerquill is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV found in Leide, outside the Tomb of the Wise near Keycatrich. Their Daggerquill Breast is needed for the Hunters and Gatherers quest for Takka Bradham.

Daggerquills are flying enemies that appear in flocks. They swoop down from the sky to peck at their targets. They are weak to daggers, firearms and fire and resist lightning. The party members will have trouble hitting them, but Noctis can use warp-strikes.


Brightly colored bird boasting extremely tough tail feathers. Its pretty plumage is a familiar sight to the folks of Leide, who hunt the bird for sport. Daggerquill down is often sewn into the lining of coats and blankets for added warmth. Farmers in the region even use daggerquill droppings to rejuvenate infertile soil.
Size: 8.36 ft. Weight: 192.2 lb.


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