Daedalus is a boss in Final Fantasy XII. The party must defeat it to enter Giruvegan. Daedalus is one of the two bosses that leaves something behind after being defeated, in his case returning to his form of a statue. The other such boss is the Elder Wyrm.

Bestiary entry[edit | edit source]

Page 1: Observations[edit | edit source]

Being a guardian statue of Giruvegan, set before the way stone outside the city, preventing intrusion.
When provoked, the Daedalus swings its mighty sword, laying waste to any foolish enough to approach.
To look upon its headless form is to know despair, and some conjecture that the mere sight of it has stopped many would-be interlopers from passing into the city.

Stats[edit | edit source]

AI script[edit | edit source]

HasteFirst move (100%)
DarkraHP <80%; use once (100%)
Smite of RageUse all battle on the opponent who heals the most (100%)
Pulsar Wave40% > HP > 20% (5%)
RageHP <20%; use once (100%)
Ice Break80% > HP > 20% (5%)
HP <40%; used once (100%)
Tri-AttackHP >60% (25%)
Tremor80% > HP > 20% (5%)
HP <60%; used once (100%)
Ignore EvadeWhen HP <60%
Attack CT0When HP <20%
TargetingAttacks enemy with highest enmity.

Battle[edit | edit source]

Daedalus starts by bestowing the Haste status on itself. When low on HP, it will start to join combos. Potions and curative magick deal damage to it. If the player has been keeping up with hunts, they will not struggle with this boss.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The party's first move should be to dispel Daedalus's Haste status. A good tactic is to have one character berserked. When it is in low health the player can unleash a chain of Quickenings.

One character should be equipped with Thief's Cuffs and steal, as Daedalus is one of the few enemies that can be robbed of Damascus Steel, required to make the Gemsteel and thus the powerful sword Tournesol.

If the player has a low enough level character, the Accuracy underflow bug can be used to continuously inflict Confuse on it, making the battle trivial.

Other appearances[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[edit | edit source]

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Etymology[edit | edit source]

In Greek mythology, Daedalus was a skillful craftsman and artist who constructed the labyrinth of Minos which held the Minotaur imprisoned. This is fitting since the boss Daedalus is found guarding the entrance to Giruvegan's interior, which has maze-like properties.

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