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Da-chao Beans.

Wutai's local specialty. Exceptionally tough legumes packed with nutrients.


Da-chao beans (ダチャオ豆, Dachao mame?) are hard-shelled yet nutritious legumes, popularly enjoyed as snacks in Wutai. The beans appear in "Episode INTERmission" of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, in cutscenes and as a key item.

Yuffie Kisaragi brings a pouch of beans with her from her homeland of Wutai on her mission to Midgar. She generously shares the goods with her new Avalanche HQ associates. Zhijie pockets his bean without eating, but when Billy Bob, Polk, and Nayo bite into the beans, they fail to crack their hard shell and hurt their teeth, shocked that the goods are considered edibles at all. Yuffie finds this amusing and shows how it is done, popping a few beans and chewing them with gusto.

Melphie with a Da-chao bean.

Yuffie and her ninja partner from Wutai, Sonon Kusakabe, infiltrate the Shinra Building but end up getting lost in the weapons development division. Sonon told her to focus, and asked if she had any spare Da-chao beans. The two took a breather and bonded while snacking. At the end of their mission, Sonon imagined reuniting with his sister Melphie and eating Da-chao beans together, but he could no longer crack his.


Da-chao is a Water God in Wutai legend, and has a monument carved on the mountain overlooking Wutai Village.