D'zentsa is non-player character in Final Fantasy XIV, she appears in the Monk questline. She is one of the apprentices of Widargelt Beake.

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Personality[edit | edit source]

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Story[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[edit | edit source]

In hopes of opening additional chakra beyond the seventh, H'raha Tia sent two of her disciples, D'zentsa and O'tchakha, to pose as Widargelt's apprentices. H'raha also sent her pupils to attack and prey on Widargelt. Once both Widargelt and the Warrior of Light awaken the new chakra, D'zentsa and O'tchakha reveal the existence of the shadow sect and return to H'raha.

D'zentsa and O'tchakha send a letter to Widargelt and the Warrior of Light asking to meet at Dalamud's Talons. At the meeting, D'zentsa and O'tchakha explain that there exist two aspects of chakra, one each for the sect of light and the sect of shadow; in order to open a chakra of an aspect not his own, a monk must fight a disciple of the opposing sect. To that end, the two Miqo'te attack Widargelt and the Warrior of Light, the battle ending with all four combatants experiencing their chakra opening. Having thus accomplished their task, D'zentsa and O'tchakha take their leave, but not before begging Widargelt and the Warrior of Light to give up being a monk.

H'raha orders D'zentsa and O'tchakha to fight to the death so that they will open her chakra. In the confrontation D'zentsa throws O'tchakha off the cliff so that she could escape on her own. O'tchakha is found by Widargelt and the Warrior of Light and reveals that H'raha was practically a father to them but this incident made her reconsider her opinion. O'tchakha fears for the safety of D'zentsa, who is still at the mercy of her master. She declares her intention to rescue her, and Widargelt promises his help.

The party decides to confront H'raha Tia and rescue D'zentsa. In the middle of the battle, the Warrior of Light's final chakra opens, allowing him to face H'raha Tia on an equal footing. And with D'zentsa's belated help, the party manages to defeat him. After everything is resolved, D'zentsa and O'tchakha join Widargelt in his effort to rebuild the order as it was, reuniting the sects of light and shadow.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood[edit | edit source]

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Gameplay[edit | edit source]

D'zentsa of the Endless Night is faced during a special instance in the level 54 Monk Quest "Against the Shadow". Later D'zentsa is an allied npc in level 60 Monk Quest "Appetite for Destruction".

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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