Cylva is a character appearing in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. Though she has no immediate role in the Main Scenario Quest, she is inexorably tied to the Warriors of Light of the First and their world as a whole.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Cylva is physically identical to the CG female Wildwood Elezen that appeared in promotional artwork for Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 as well as a brief appearance in the opening. As the Shadowkeeper, she wore the Deepshadow Fending armor set with a Deepshadow Blade as her main arm.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Story[edit | edit source]

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Early life[edit | edit source]

Unlike her friends, Cylva hailed from the Thirteenth. When the world was lost to darkness and became the void due to Igeyorhm's machinations, she was one of its few survivors, saved by the Ascians Loghrif and Mitron. They convinced her that she could save other worlds through Rejoinings but she was not being told what that entailed. To serve their mission, Cylva would become the Shadowkeeper of the the First, a mastermind of villainy from the dark void who would in secret groom young adventurers into becoming Warriors of Light chosen by Hydaelyn. She became an unassuming yet mysterious mercenary who threw her lot with Ardbert, Lamitt and Nyelbert. Over time as their group expanded, Ardbert and his friends gained Crystals of Light. When Cylva then revealed herself to the adventurers she had grown close to them and saw them as irreplaceable friends. Though she bared steel against them, she bade them to kill her. Though Ardbert defeated her, he couldn't go through with killing her, as he likewise saw her as a dear friend. The new Warriors of Light would instead turn their weapons on the true villains manipulating their actions: the Ascians. Though they were victorious, their demise triggered a Flood of Light that began to consume the First, just as darkness destroyed Cylva's world. The heroes, guilty over their actions, sought for a way to save the world and allied with a white-robed Ascian named Elidibus and left the First.

Cylva remained, equally beset with guilt over her actions leading up to this and the lies she accepted from the Ascians. Because of how she arrived in the First, she was unable to die of age, and thus lived for a hundred years, bearing witness to the tales of her friends' heroic efforts warped over time into deeds of villainy in the wake of the Flood. Sometime after the Crystal Tower appeared and the Crystarium was subsequently established, Cylva had hung up her sword and armor and became a chef. Her sorrows would not end however; when Vauthry came into power, he further besmirched her old friends' legacies by resurrecting them as powerful sin eaters called Cardinal Virtues. Cylva set up a new hunt board to entice potentially strong adventurers in the hopes they could defeat the zombified warriors.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[edit | edit source]

Several years later, a particularly powerful warrior hailing from the Source began slaying the Cardinal Virtues alongside other sinners. This new "Warrior of Darkness" sparked hope in her, sensing that they were possessed of Hyedalyn's gift like her friends were. When the Cardinal Virtues were destroyed and the night sky returned to the First, she approached the Warrior of Darkness and invited them to take a trip across Norvrandt.

Across their travels, she detailed of how Ardbert's group formed and grew over time and how each of them gained a Crystal of Light while hinting at the presence of another smiling companion, the untold tale of the sixth warrior. She concluded the journey at Lakeland where she revealed of her role as the Shadowkeeper, just as she did a century ago. She begged the Warrior of Darkness to kill her, the final, unpunished villain responsible for the Flood and the tarnishing of her friends' memory. The adventurer refused as they had all been comrades in arms and her guilt was genuine. They suggested she continue to live on to tell the true tale of the Warriors of Light and ensure their memories live on as originally intended. Relieved and grateful, Cylva returned to the Crystarium as Cyella, later admitting that even if they were to fight, she had grown too weak, only just having enough strength to wear her old armor and brandish her sword.

When the Warrior of Darkness gathered the Crystarium to tell the true story of the Warriors of Light in the First, Cyella felt as if a massive weight on her shoulders had finally lifted and her friends could be celebrated as the heroes they were, only to later see Ardbert himself mysteriously arrive, and her happiness be replaced with wary confusion. He would later reappear with a starshower raining over the Crystarium, 'Ardbert' declaring everyone bearing witness were now Warriors of Light. Cyella visited the Warrior of Darkness at night to speak of what they saw. The adventurer revealed that the Ascian Elidibus had taken Ardbert's corpse and was using it for nefarious ends. She couldn't do anything but to ask the warrior to again save the world and restore the good name of her friends.

Due to Cyella's weakened state, she could not participate in the final battle of Norvrandt, but when Elidibus was at last defeated and peace returned to the land, she was peace, content with serving as a wench of the Crystarium. Though no one was left alive to try and corrupt the tale of the original Warriors of Light, she would ensure their good name was retained nonetheless, and thanked the Warrior of Darkness for all they had done.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Cylva appears as an NPC party members in each of the instanced Role Quests as a Gladiator, serving as the group's main tank.

The extra quest, "Shadow Walk With Me", unlocks when all Role Quests have been completed and the Shadowbringers 5.0 MSQ cleared. Clearing this quest also unlocks the option to talk to Cyella during the cutscenes in Echoes of a Fallen Star.

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