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CyberConnect2 (サイバーコネクトツー, Saibā Konekuto Tsū?) is a Japanese video game development studio based in Fukuoka. They worked on the Final Fantasy VII G-Bike mobile game released in 2015, a game based on the G Bike minigame from Final Fantasy VII[1]. They were announced to be assisting in the development of the Final Fantasy VII Remake with Square Enix, however Tetsuya Nomura did not like the direction of the work and Square Enix became more involved directly[2].

G-Bike ended service in late 2015[3], and their termination of involvement in the Final Fantasy VII Remake became public in 2017.[4]

They are best known as the creators of the Little Tail Bronx metaseries, the .hack franchise, Asura's Wrath, and the Naruto Ninja Storm game series.

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