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Cut (斬る, Kiru?) is a recurring attribute in the Final Fantasy series.


Final Fantasy VII[]

Cut is an attribute associated with several physical attacks, as well as weapons such as Cloud's and a variety of Barret's weapons, as well as various enemy attacks (mostly those that "cut", such as Aero Combatant's Propeller Sword).

The Ziedrich armor is the only way to reduce the damage dealt by this attribute, aside from the Enemy Skill Dragon Force and the item Hero Drink. Several of these attacks do not show the name when used by the enemy, since they are mostly used as physical attacks.

Game Element Type User Effect
Bonecutter Enemy Attack Bahba Velamyu Inflicts Cut damage.
Butterfly Attack Enemy Attack Kimara Bug Inflicts Cut damage.
Club Sword Enemy Attack Jumping Inflicts moderate Cut damage.
Continu-claw Enemy Attack Frozen Nail Inflicts Cut damage.
Cutter Enemy Attack Dorky Face Inflicts Cut damage.
Dual Attack Enemy Attack Dragon Rider Inflicts moderate Cut damage.
Fight Enemy Attack Ghost Ship, Goblin, Mystery Ninja, SOLDIER:2nd Inflicts Cut damage.
Gash Enemy Attack Corvette, Sword Dance Inflicts Cut damage.
Glasscutter Enemy Attack Razor Weed Inflicts Cut damage.
Guillotine Enemy Attack Ghirofelgo Inflicts Cut damage.
Havoc Wing Enemy Attack Safer∙Sephiroth Inflicts extreme Cut damage as well as Paralyze and Blind.
Head Hunting Enemy Attack Dragon Rider Inflicts moderate Cut damage.
Head Hunting 2 Enemy Attack Dragon Rider Inflicts major Cut damage.
Heavy Sword Enemy Attack Iron Man, Wolfmeister Inflicts major Cut damage.
Jumping Blow Enemy Attack Guardian Inflicts moderate Cut damage.
Jumping Cutter Enemy Attack Bahba Velamyu Inflicts Cut damage.
Keyclaw Enemy Attack Sample:H0512, Materia Keeper Inflicts Cut damage.
King Teel Enemy Attack King Behemoth Inflicts major Cut damage.
Para Tail Enemy Attack Parasite Inflicts moderate Cut damage and Sadness.
Propeller Enemy Attack Aero Combatant Inflicts Cut damage.
Propeller Sword Enemy Attack Aero Combatant Inflicts Cut damage.
Quadra-cut Enemy Attack SOLDIER:2nd, SOLDIER:1st Inflicts moderate Cut damage, but is never used by SOLDIER: 2nd, and is only used if SOLDIER: 1st's HP is 75% or less.
Sawback Enemy Attack Corvette, Sword Dance Inflicts Cut damage to party.
Scissors Enemy Attack Cripshay, Edgehead Inflicts minor Cut damage.
Sephiroth Shock Enemy Attack Bizarro∙Sephiroth Inflicts major Cut damage.
Sham Seal Enemy Attack Wind Wing Inflicts moderate Cut damage.
Sickle Enemy Attack Grashtrike, Head Hunter, Whole Eater Inflicts Cut damage.
Speed Slash Enemy Attack Moth Slasher Inflicts Cut damage.
Spider Attack Enemy Attack Kimara Bug Inflicts Cut damage.
Split Enemy Attack SOLDIER:3rd Inflicts Cut damage.
Spinning Cut Enemy Attack Corvette, Sword Dance Inflicts Cut damage to party.
Sword Attack Enemy Attack Eligor Inflicts Cut damage.
Swordblade Enemy Attack Spencer Inflicts Cut damage.
Sword of Doom Enemy Attack SOLDIER:2nd, SOLDIER:1st Inflicts major Cut damage.
Upper Cutter Enemy Attack Spencer Inflicts Cut damage.
Wing Cutter Enemy Attack Deenglow, Lessaloploth, Rapps Inflicts Cut damage.

Lightning Saga[]

Cut is an attack property in Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2, and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII related to the action of interrupting an opponent. It is the disruptive capability of an ability measured against the opponent's "Keep" value.

Each ability has a Cut and Keep value associated with it ranging from 0 to 100. Cut determines how likely an ability is to interrupt another, while Keep determines how difficult it is for an ability to be interrupted. Additionally, all party members and enemies have a base Keep value when idle; party members have a Keep value of 5, and most enemy attacks have a Cut value greater than 5. If the ability used to hit a target has higher Cut than the their current Keep, the ability will interrupt the target. This can cancel their action or simply delay them from initiating the action during the hit. Physical abilities tend to have higher Cut and Keep than magical abilities.

For staggered opponents, their base Keep value and all of their actions with a Keep of 89 or less are reduced to 0, making them easily interruptible. Some enemies may have their base Keep reduced, but will maintain the Keep of some or all of their abilities. These enemies can be thwarted by keeping them stunlocked, either by constantly attacking them or keeping them launched in the air. Some bosses also retain their normal Keep values when staggered.

In Final Fantasy XIII, the Vigilance status increases the Cut and Keep of all actions by 10, while Curse reduces them by 20. Vigilance will not raise Keep above 89, and will not boost the Keep of a move that is already above 89. Curse will not reduce the values below 0, or affect any Keep values above 89. In Final Fantasy XIII-2, Vigilance and Curse merely increase and decrease Keep by 20. The Immovable and Pressure passive abilities increase Keep and Cut respectively by 5/10/15 depending on rank. In Lightning Returns, Vigilance increases Keep by 25, Curse reduces it by 15, and the stagger effect Cursed reduces it by 25. The Defender and Undaunted auto-abilities will also increase Keep by 5/10/15 depending on ability level, the latter when facing three or more enemies, while Hard Hitter increases Cut.

In Lightning Returns, Lightning's Keep while idle is 10, still low enough to be interrupted by most attacks. Keep when using items and EP abilities is 90 and 100 respectively, and she will take 90% less damage from attacks during the animation. Cut values of attacks are doubled when the damage numbers are a golden color (when net damage multipliers exceed 200%). By applying a combination of effects, such as Imperil, Deprotect, and Enfire, it is possible to max out the Cut value of attacks to 100. Because staggering enemies works differently, they do not have reduced Keep after being staggered. Enemies inside Chaos infusions also have 20 more Keep.