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Custard is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in the Daurell Caverns and Steyliff Grove mazes.


Electrified flan that charges in the depths of Daurell Caverns and Steyliff Grove. This topaz-tinged tart is anything but yellow when it comes to combat, and a shallow grave awaits any who mistake squishiness for softness.
Size: 4.88 ft. Weight: 1.60 t



Custards in Daurell Caverns Menace.

Custards only use physical attacks by pouncing onto and slapping the party. Some of their attacks can be parried, but this does no damage to them, as they are entirely invulnerable to physical damage.


Because of their immunity to all conventional weapons, including the royal arms, magical attacks must be used instead. Elemancy, the Flamebreath Cannon, and the Ring of the Lucii are all effective, as is Prompto's Gravisphere, and Ignis's Libra Elementia and Sagefire; using Gravisphere may be the best use of the player's Tech bar.

Behind the scenes[]

Sweet Jamming Custard.jpg

The Sweet Jamming: Custard fishing lure is fashioned after this enemy.


Custard is a variety of culinary preparations based on a cooked mixture of milk and/or cream and egg yolk.

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