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The mirror stopping the party.

The curse of the five wyrms (5匹の魔竜の呪い, gohiki no maryuu no noroi?, lit. curse of the five demon dragons), also known as the Dragon's Curse, is a trick used by Xande in Final Fantasy III. When the Warriors of Light come to battle him at the top of the Crystal Tower, Xande captures them with a mirror and five Wyrm statues that hold the curse's power. When the party is afflicted by the curse of the five wyrms, they cannot move until five people of pure heart appear to rescue them. Thinking this is impossible, Xande believes he has won.

However, Doga traveled around the world, teleporting five people the party had met during their journey. The five people are Sara Altney, Cid Haze, Desch, Prince Alus, and one of the Fellows. With their help, the party escapes from the curse and defeats Xande.



A curse (also called an imprecation, malediction, execration, malison, anathema, or commination) is any expressed wish that some form of adversity or misfortune will befall or attach to some other entity: one or more persons, a place, or an object. In particular, "curse" may refer to such a wish or pronouncement made effective by a supernatural or spiritual power, such as a god or gods, a spirit, or a natural force, or else as a kind of spell by magic or witchcraft; in the latter sense, a curse can also be called a hex or a jinx.

Wyrm is an alternative name for mythological European dragon. They appear mostly in Celtic and German mythology. They are depicted as flying, fire-breathing reptiles, with magical properties. The word wyrm is the original Germanic-based term for a serpent or dragon, draca being adopted from the Latin draco at an early time.