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Casino Coins used in Serendipity in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Currency is a recurring feature in the Final Fantasy series. Aside from the popular Gil, which has seen an appearance in every game and is the currency most often used, there are also several other alternative forms of currency, which can appear in specific areas or regions, used either for a specific purpose, or as that region's currency.


Final Fantasy VII[]


GP is used as a form of currency in the Gold Saucer. GP is most often won through games in the Wonder Square, or races in the Chocobo Square. It can also be bought from a man who sometimes appears at the entrance to the Gold Saucer, at an exchange rate of 100 Gil to 1 GP. GP can be used to play certain games, such as the Speed Square, rest at the Inn in the Ghost Square, fight battles at the Battle Square, and can also be exchanged for prizes with a woman in the Wonder Square.

Item exchange rates are as follows:

Name Cost
Potion 1 GP
Ether 20 GP
X-Potion 80 GP
Turbo Ether 100 GP
Gold Ticket 300 GP
Carob Nut 500 GP
Gil Plus Materia* 1,000 GP
Exp Plus Materia* 2,000 GP

*Available only after Gold Saucer reopens on disc 2, only one available.

Battle Points[]

Battle Points, also known as BP, are scored through winning fights in the Battle Square. Fights cost 10 GP to participate, and players are awarded BP based on the amount and difficulty of handicaps received, and the number and difficulty of opponents defeated. The BP is lost if the player leaves the Battle Arena without expending all points.

Below is a list of items that can be exchanged for BP:

Disc 1 - before acquiring Tiny Bronco[]
Name Cost
Potion 80 BP
Phoenix Down 160 BP
Shrapnel 320 BP
Ether 640 BP
Mimett Greens 1,280 BP
Fury Ring 2,560 BP
Enemy Lure Materia 5,120 BP
Pre-Emptive Materia 10,240 BP
Speed Plus Materia 20,480 BP
Champion Belt 40,960 BP
Disc 1 - after acquiring Tiny Bronco[]
Name Cost
Phoenix Down 100 BP
Remedy 200 BP
Mimett Greens 400 BP
Enemy Lure Materia 800 BP
Bird Wing 1,600 BP
S-mine 3,200 BP
Pre-Emptive Materia 6,400 BP
Speed Plus Materia 12,800 BP
Championship Belt 25,600 BP
Omnislash 51,200 BP
Disc 2/3 - after acquiring Highwind[]
Name Cost
Remedy 100 BP
Enemy Lure Materia 250 BP
Right Arm 500 BP
Pre-Emptive Materia 1,000 BP
Reagan Greens 2,000 BP
Speed Plus Materia 4,000 BP
Stardust 8,000 BP
Championship Belt 16,000 BP
Omnislash 32,000 BP
W-Summon Materia 64,000 BP

Final Fantasy VII Remake[]

Moogle medal.

Moggie at the Sector 5 Slums sells several rare items in his Moogle Emporium shop. All costs are in moogle medals.

Item Cost Stock Ch. 8 Ch. 14
Moogle Membership Card 1 1 Y
Gold Saucer 1 1 Y Y
Ether 2 12 Y Y
Turbo Ether 4 Unlimited Y
Elixir 9 Unlimited Y
Steel Pincers Steel Pincers 7 1 Y
Silver Staff Silver Staff 2 1 Y Y
Enfeeblement Ring 1 1 Y
Whistlewind Scarf 3 1 Y Y
Salvation Badge 1 1 Y Y
Graveyard Key 1 1 Y
Moogle's Mortar 1 1 Y
The Art of Swordplay Vol. I 5 1 Y Y
Sharpshooter's Companion Vol. I 5 1 Y Y
Way of the Fist Vol. I 5 1 Y Y
Telluric Scriptures Vol. I 5 1 Y Y

Final Fantasy XI[]


Beastcoins are a currency used by Beastmen. They are minted by the Quadav in gold, Goblins in silver, and Yagudo in bronze form. Beastcoins can be dropped or stolen from Beastmen, especially Goblins. Although beastcoins have no immediately noticeable use for the Enlightened Races of Vana'diel, blacksmiths can melt the beastcoins down to their base metals, allowing for them to be used as materials in smithing.

While circulated mainly only among Beastmen, sometimes during quests or missions, Beastmen or even enlightened individuals request beastcoins from players.

Conquest Points

Conquest Points are earned through defeating opponents in areas subject to Conquest while under the Signet status.

The formula for calculating CP earned is as follows:

Regional Modifier is 1 if the area is under the player's nation's control, or 1.5 if under another nation's or Beastmen control. Conquest Points can be exchanged for a variety of rewards, depending on what Nation the player serves and their Rank within them.


Tabs are earned in Fields of Valor and Grounds of Valor. They can be used to purchase Field Support (status enhancements and teleportation services) and Advanced Training (access to Notorious Monsters that allow players to augment their equipment).

Kinetic Units

Kinetic units are used to power waypoint and proto-waypoint teleportation throughout Vana'diel. They can be obtained by completing certain quests and by trading crystals to waypoints and proto-waypoints. Different elemental crystals are worth differing amounts of kinetic units.

Sparks of Eminence

Sparks of Eminence are earned by completing the many Records of Eminence. They cap at 99,999. They can be exchanged for items and equipment at A.M.A.N. NPCs.

Final Fantasy XI: Rise of the Zilart[]

Ancient Currency

A substantial amount of ancient currency is required for players wishing to forge Relic Weapons. It can be found in Dynamis and in Campaign Battles. There are three types of Ancient Currency, one for each nation—Byne Bills for Bastok, "Pieces" (coins) for San d'Oria, Shells for Windurst. Each is available in (and can be converted among) three denominations: 1-unit, 100-unit, 10,000-unit. All types and denominations are stackable to 99.

Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia[]

Ancient Beastcoins

Ancient beastcoins are used to purchase certain items related to Limbus. It can be obtained in Apollyon and Temenos.

Final Fantasy XI: Treasures of Aht Urhgan[]

Imperial Currency

Imperial Currency is a form of currency used in Aht Urhgan in order to buy certain goods and services. While most areas take gil as readily as imperial currency, imperial currency is required for certain things, such as passing into the Alzadaal Undersea Ruins or creating Blue Mage armor. Imperial Standing can be traded for Imperial Currency, at a rate of 20 for a Bronze Piece, 100 for a Silver Piece, 200 for a Mythril Piece, and 1,000 for a Gold Piece.

Imperial Standing

Imperial Standing is earned by defeating enemies in Aht Urhgan areas.

The rate of earned experience is:

With certain conditions, such as the Astral Candescence present in Al Zahbi, boosting the rate of Imperial Standing earned. Imperial Standing can be exchanged for things such as maps of Near Eastern areas and equipment of Aht Urhgan.

Therion Ichor

Players will receive ampoules of Therion Ichor depending on the number and type of enemies they defeat in the chamber during Einherjar battles. These can be used to purchase various valuable items from Kilusha in Nashmau.

Assault Points

Assault points are earned for participating in Assault missions that take place in Mamool Ja Training Grounds, Periqia, Ilrusi Atoll, Lebros Cavern, and Leujaoam Sanctum. Missions staged on Nyzul Isle do not award assault points.

Nyzul Tokens

Nyzul Tokens are used to teleport to previously cleared levels in Nyzul Isle Investigation. They can also be used to get items from a vending box in the lobby of Nyzul Isle Investigation prior to selecting a floor.


Alexandrite are used in the "Duties, Tasks, and Deeds" quest. They can be traded to Paparoon in Nashmau when the quest is flagged. He will then tell the player the remaining number of gems needed for the quest. Alexandrite traded to Paparoon can never be retrieved.


Zeni is currency used to gain access to Zeni Notorious Monsters.


Chocobucks are won from competing in Free Runs or from turning in Chocobuck Slips obtained from the Chocobo Hot and Cold Game. They can be used as an entry fee into official races, or to buy a variety of items useful in raising Chocobos.

Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess[]

Allied Notes

Allied Notes are used for teleporting from an Allied nation to a field area and switching nations. They are also used to purchase items.

Moblin Marbles

Moblin Marbles are the standard currency of Moblin Maze Mongers obtained exclusively through Moblin Mazes. They can be used to purchase rare and exclusive items, an additional Maze Tabula, an additional Maze Voucher, and additional Maze Runes from Chatnachoq.

Final Fantasy XI: Vision/Scars/Heroes of Abyssea[]


Cruor is the currency used in Abyssea, as a substitute for gil. Cruor is more than an ornamental currency, as it is used to power objects like the Veridical Conflux. It is earned by defeating monsters in the realm, and also as a reward from some chests and some quests.

Resistance Credits

Resistance Credits are obtained by taking part in Bastion or Resistance Ops. Resistance can be used to obtain items, empyrean armor, and temporary items from a Bastion Prefect. Temporary items obtained with Resistance Credits can be used at any time in any Abyssea zone (even without pennant status) and are not lost upon changing zones or disconnecting.

Dominion Notes

Dominion Notes can be obtained by taking part in Dominion Ops. They can be used to obtain items, and empyrean armor from a Dominion Tactician.

Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin[]


Bayld is the standard currency of Adoulin. It can be obtained by killing certain monsters, participating in Reives, and completing Adoulin Quests and Coalition Assignments. They can be used to purchase various items from many vendors.

Final Fantasy XIII-2[]

Casino Coins are used as currency in Serendipity and can be purchased at the exchange desk in the house with the card tables and the slot machines, or won by playing Serendipity's minigames. The player can exchange their coins for various prizes.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Guild Marks[]

Guild Marks was currency used in most of the Guilds. the currency was used exclusively at the guild of its origin, often in order to trade for Discipline-specific abilities or Crystals. Guild Marks could be earned by completing certain Guildleves as the Discipline the Mark belongs to. Guild marks were abolished in patch 1.20 but could still be used to purchase materia until A Realm Reborn was released.

Faction Points[]

Faction Points were earned by completing regional guildleves, and are used to participate in faction levequests, which are harder than regular levequests but give more experience, gil, items and sometimes access to unique gear or Notorious Monsters. This has been phased out with A Realm Reborn.

Company Seals[]

Company Seals are currency used in the Grand Companies to acquire unique equipment, advance in company ranks or buy special items such as a Chocobo License.

Allagan Tomestones[]

An unusual "currency", Allagan Tomestones are artifacts of an ancient civilization that can be traded to an antiquities dealer named Rowena for various endgame equipment and miscellaneous items.

Venture Tokens[]

Introduced in Patch 2.2, Venture Tokens are special coins players pay their retainers to undertake tasks called Ventures.

Beastman Currency[]

Introduced in patch 2.1, Beastman Currencies are assorted currencies used by the various Beastmen tribes and used to buy items from their respective merchants. Prior to patch 4.1, Beastman currencies were items stored in the player's inventory. Each beastman tribe has its own unique currency.

Steel Amalj'ok, Sylphic Goldleaf, Titan Cobaltpiece, Rainbowtide Psashp, Ixali Oaknot, Vanu Whitebone, Black Copper Gil, Kupo Nut, Kojin Sango, Ananta Dreamstaff, Namazu Koban, Fae Fancy, Qitari Compliment, Hammered Frogment.

Crafters'/Gatherers' Scrip[]

Introduced in Heavensward, Crafters' Scrip and Gatherers' Scrip are a currency created by Rowena and used to purchase items and equipment related to crafting and gathering from her stores.

Final Fantasy XV[]

Medals can be earned by betting on monsters in the Totomostro minigame in Altissia, which can then be spent on various prizes.

In the Adventurer from Another World quest, the player can expend Allagan Tomestones at Y'jhimei's trading post. The tomestones are found scattered about the Perpetouss Keep and earned from fighting Garuda.

Final Fantasy Type-0[]

SPP Points amassed by accepting support personnel during missions is used to buy items and equipment in the SPP Post in the Central Command room in Akademeia. Support personnel accumulate SPP just by being present, but lose the points if they die.

Amassing SPP also unlocks new items for purchase in the SPP Post, and raises the SP rank in certain intervals.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia[]

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World of Final Fantasy[]

Arma Gems are rare items that are used for taking on Intervention quests and purchasing Champion Medals and Ability Seeds from the Girl Who Forgot Her Name. They are rewarded from most boss battles, but they can also be obtained from some enemies in the post-game optional dungeons. Clearing all quests allows Gems to be used to purchase Ability Seeds from the Girl Who Forgot Her Name, as well as her selling gems for 50,000 gil each.

In the Maxima version, some battles in the Coliseum reward Arma Gems. They can additionally be used to purchase Champion Jewels from the Girl Who Forgot Her Name after clearing Chapter 10.