You can call me Curious Gorge—well, you can call me whatever you damn please if you don't value your neck. I hail from the far north, beyond the highlands of Coerthas, where the mountains stand tall and the flames burn hotter than the pits of hell. My reasons for coming to this land are twofold. One, to pay a debt to an old comrade from the days before the Calamity by protecting the villages here. Two, to spread the battle techniques perfected by my ancestors, that our proud line of warriors does not end with me.

Curious Gorge

Curious Gorge, also known as The Northerner, is a Non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV. A scion of a tribe of Warriors, he traveled to La Noscea in hopes of teaching the arts and putting his skills to the test. Curious Gorge is usually seen near a waterfall in Eastern La Noscea, at the northern part of the Bloodshore. While he can be spoken to at any time, he doesn't have a major role until the quest to unlock Warrior where it is learned Curious Gorge possesses the Soul of the Warrior and is seeking to train his arts to marauders in Eorzea.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Curious Gorge is a Hellsguard Roegadyn with reddish skin and a bandage over his nose. He wears a full set of Warrior battle garb and is in possession of a Bravura.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Willing to throw himself into any battle, Curious Gorge is a skilled axeman, but when the battlehigh overtakes him, he succumbs to his inner beast and loses control. Because of this he feels unworthy of being a warrior and doubts himself.

Story[edit | edit source]

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Hailing from the north, and suspected to be a marauder once in the Company of Heroes, Curious Gorge arrives in Costa del Sol following the Trail of his brother, Broken Mountain, who succumbed to the rage of the Warrior tribe's "Inner beast". Controlling and Harnessing the inner beast's strength is a lost art hidden within tomes that the two brother's have inherited. After failing to stop his brother's rage, Curious Gorge aids the Warrior of Light on the beach with Solkwyb Saelsmyndsyn fending off the giant turtles that may have been influenced by his brother's aura. After securing victory, Curious Gorge is impressed by the Warrior's fighting potential and offers to teach them the lost art of his people. He vows to win back his ancestor tribe's tarnished reputation when the proud warriors were shunned and labeled as savage beasts, more violent and brutal than the fiends of which they fought. Following him to the Hidden Falls, he teaches the Warrior powerful skills and to find the lost Warrior armor scattered around Eorzea. He occasionally sends the Warrior to Wineport to aid in the defense of the city from hostile forces.

Curious Gorge begins to second guess his own abilities and refuses to teach the Warrior of Light further when he sees them almost fully clad in the ancient suit of armor. He fears the responsibility of watching the Warrior succumb to the same weakness he hasn't mastered himself. This all changes when he asks the Warrior to aid him in defending Wineport, this time from his brother's onslaught. They defeat Broken Mountain and Curious Gorge loses control of his own inner beast, begging the Warrior of Light to defeat him in combat.

In Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, while recovering at Camp Bronze Lake, Curious Gorge and Broken Mountain accept the Warrior of Light's mastery of the inner beast and ask them to aid in their search and dissection of its secrets. Gorge feels he is inching closer to the uncontrollable urge and doubts he can muster self control, finding himself unfit to protect others. With encouragement and a couple of slaps from the Warrior, the brothers protect Limsa Lominsa from Kobold and Sahagin threats alike. No longer fearing their inner potential, their successes impress the Storm Marshal Eynzahr who encourages the pair to train the Maelstrom members in the ways of the Warrior. Their dreams of repairing their tribe's reputation and spreading their ancestors' teachings now realized, Curious Gorge vows to one day be powerful enough to defeat the Warrior of Light in combat.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The name is a reference to German-American author H.A. Rey's line of children's books called Curious George and the associated character featured within them.

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