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Cure VI
MP 227
Effect Restores target's HP. Afflatus Solace: grants the target the effect of Stoneskin.
Duration 30 seconds for Stoneskin effect
Casting Time 2.5 seconds
Recast Time 15 seconds
Magic Type Healing Magic
Element Light
Jobs WHM 80
Automaton 83

Cure VI (ケアルVI, Kearu VI?) is the most powerful Cure spell in Final Fantasy XI. It is available exclusively to White Mages and Puppetmasters' Automatons with the proper head and skill level.

The scroll to learn Cure VI can be found in treasure chests in Abyssea - Tahrongi and Abyssea - Konschtat, or purchased from a merchant in Rabao for 141,137~147,273 gil. It can also be bought from the player-stocked auction house.