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Cure IV in Final Fantasy XI.

Cure IV (ケアルIV, Kearu IV?) is a recurring spell in the Final Fantasy series, appearing only in the online installments of the series.


Final Fantasy XI[]

Cure IV
MP 88
Effect Restores target's HP. Afflatus Solace: Grants a weak Stoneskin effect.
Duration 25 seconds for Stoneskin when cast under the effect of Afflatus Solace.
Casting Time 2.5 Seconds
Recast Time 8 Seconds
Magic Type Healing Magic
Element Light
Jobs WHM 41 - RDM 48 - PLD 55 - SCH 55 - Light Spirit 41 - Automaton 48

Cure IV a healing spell that restores a large amount of HP to a single target.

In addition, when cast under the effect of the White Mage's Afflatus Solace ability, it will also grant a weak Stoneskin effect that lasts for 25 seconds, or until it is destroyed (about 100 total damage will destroy it). It can be used on undead monsters to inflict damage to them.

Legacy Final Fantasy XIV[]

Cure IV appeared as an enemy ability used by Furryfoot Kupli Kipp during the Good King Moggle Mog battle. When used, the ability would restore around 2000 HP to a target. The ability was an astral-elemental spell.

Despite sharing the name in the English localization of the relaunch, the ability known as Cure IV is in fact the recurring Curaja spell in Japanese.