Cure III in Final Fantasy XI.

Cure III (ケアル III, Kearu III?) is a recurring spell in the Final Fantasy series, appearing only in the online installments of the series.

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Final Fantasy XI

Template:FFXI Spell Cure III is a healing spell that restores a moderate amount of HP. When cast under the effect of Afflatus Solace, it also grants a weak Stoneskin effect that lasts for 25 seconds, or until it is destroyed (about 50 total damage will destroy it). Cure III can be cast on undead monsters to damage them.

Legacy Final Fantasy XIV

Cure III icon.

Cure III appeared as an ability learned by Conjurers at rank 48. The ability restored HP to all party members within an area of effect. After patch 1.20, the Conjurer class could not longer use Cure III and the spell was replaced with Curaga.

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