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Cure II in Final Fantasy XI.

Cure II (ケアル II, Kearu II?) is a recurring spell in the series, appearing only in the online installments of the series. It is an upgraded version of the Cure spell.


Final Fantasy XI[]

{{Spell FFXI |spellname = Cure II |MP = 24 |effect = Restores target's HP. [[Afflatus Solace](ability)|Afflatus Solace]: Grants a weak Stoneskin effect. |duration = 25 seconds for Stoneskin effect if cast under the effect of Afflatus Solace. |casttime = 2.25 Seconds |recasttime = 5.5 Seconds |type = Healing Magic |element = Light |jobs = WHM 11 - RDM 14 - PLD 17 - SCH 17 - Automaton 14 }} Cure II is a tier 2 healing spell that restores a small amount of HP to a single target. If it is by by a White Mage while under the effect of Afflatus Solace, the target is granted a very weak Stoneskin effect. Cure II deals damage to undead enemies.

Legacy Final Fantasy XIV[]

Cure II icon.

Cure II appeared as an ability learned by Conjurers at rank 20. The ability restored HP to all party members within an area of effect. After patch 1.20, the Conjurer class could not longer use Cure II and the spell was replaced with Cura.