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Curaja from Final Fantasy Tactics.

Curaja (ケアルジャ, Kearuja?, lit. Careja), also known as Cure 4, Cureja, Cure IV, and Curada, is a recurring healing spell from the Final Fantasy series.

Curaja often is the strongest form of the Cure White Magic spells, usually being the last healing spell to be obtained. Depending on the titles featuring the spell, Curaja serves as either the fourth or fifth tier of Cure.

In the rereleases of older titles featuring four tiers of Cure magic, the recurring Curaga spell is often localized under the name of "Curaja", adopting the tier system that initially appeared in Final Fantasy Tactics. However, there have been cases in modern titles where the recurring Curada spell is also translated as Curaja in order to preserve Curaga's status as the fourth tier (see below).


Final Fantasy X-2[]

Moogle Cureja is a spell exclusive to Yuna's Mascot dressphere. It restores about 60% of the party's MAX HP and removes negative status effects from the party. It costs 15 MP to cast, and can be learned for 40 AP.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Lost Cure IV icon.

A variation of Cure IV exists as a Lost action in Bozja, known as Lost Cure IV, which heals more than its Cure III counterpart, having a cure potency of 21,700. In addition, the Spirit of the Savior effect grants the target a regen effect with a potency of 6,000 for 21 seconds. It can be cast at any time, but has less charges and more lost action weight.

Cure IV is also used by Kuribu inside the the Lost City of Amdapor (Hard). The spell's effectiveness varies based on the party's proximity to the boss; the closer the party is to Kuribu, the less it is healed. When Kuribu is under Reverse, the spell instead targets the party and deals damage. In this case, the party must move as far away from the boss as possible to minimize the damage they take.

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

Mighty breeze, heal from the sky! Cure4!

Upon casting (PlayStation)

Curaja is the most powerful healing spell for White Mages. It cost 800 JP to learn. It has a speed of 10 and costs 20 MP to use. The spell heals a lot of HP and cannot be reflected. Curaja has a 40% chance of being randomly learned in battle if cast on a White Mage that has not learned the spell yet and is healed at least 1 HP.

Final Fantasy Tactics S[]

Curaja was the ability of the White Mage Ernesty Viera unit. When used, the ability restored HP to up to nine targets within a 3x3 grid. [1]

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates[]

Curaja restores nearby allies to full health. It is cast by piling four Cure spells.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time[]

Curaja restores nearby allies to full health. It can be cast by stacking four Cure spells.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

Curada icon in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

Curada is a 6★ White Magic ability obtainable upon completing the Guardian Nightmare boss dungeon. The ability restores a very large amount of HP to one ally and automatically heals an additional 2000 points of damage.

Holy Magic Curaja icon in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

Holy Magick Curaja (聖魔法ケアルジャ, Sei Mahō Kearuja?, lit. Holy Magic Careja) also appears as an Ultra Soul Break for Ovelia. When used, the special will instantly restore a large amount of HP to all party members, while also temporarily reducing the delay of the user's next action. In addition, the attack also grants Ovelia Princess of Destiny EX mode, which increases her Mind stat a moderate amount and causes her white magic abilities to trigger the follow-up attack Holy Vengeance, which deals six white magic holy and non-elemental attacks.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

Curaja is a level 7 White Magic learned by specific high tier Visions. It restores HP to all allies with the following formula: 2500 HP x 18. Curaja costs 30 MP to perform. [2]

World of Final Fantasy[]

Curaja is a tier four healing spell. It can be unlocked by having 2 members in a stack with tier three healing spells.

Behind the scenes[]

Curaga erroneously referred to as "Curaja" in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

In Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy IV, and Final Fantasy XII, the Curaga (ケアルガ, Kearuga?, lit. Carega) spell in the original Japanese is localized as Curaja. Due to later titles only featuring three tiers of Cure magic, localization teams often have retained the suffix -"ga" for third tier spells in general, with the fourth tier Cure spell becoming Curaja, adopting the tier system from Final Fantasy Tactics. However, the titles from the Final Fantasy XIII subseries and Final Fantasy Dimensions use the name Curaja for the Curada spell.

The changes between the Japanese and English names for the later Cure spells has led to errors in mobile crossover titles, such as Final Fantasy Record Keeper, with several bosses from titles with three tier Cure spells having their Curaga spells translated as Curaja.

The English localization of Final Fantasy XIV pokes fun at the complexity and confusing nature of the Cure tiers, with the The Great Gubal Library (Hard) including a tome that mentions that "Curaja" was a candidate for the name of an augmentation of Curaga, until the entire naming convention of spells was changed as they were "lacking in gravity" and "needlessly abtruse".



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